Education, Early Career, Outreach

Early Career Subcommittee

Hans-Peter Grossart
Committee Chair

Early Career Activities are geared towards those who have completed their Ph.D. and are within 10 years of graduation. Activities includes services related to ASLO meetings (e.g., travel awards, networking, mixers and workshops) as well as providing information on career related opportunities (e.g., job postings, resources, opportunities).

Early Career activities are handled by a sub-committee of the ASLO Education and Human Resources Super Committee and currently has the following members:

Hans-Peter Grossart (Chair, to 6/19)
Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (Germany)

Laura Bristow (to 12/18)
Syddansk Universitet (Denmark)

Hideyuki Doi (to 12/17)
University of Hyogo (Japan)

Christopher T. Filstrup (to 12/18)
Iowa State University

Andrea Johnson (to 12/18)
National Science Foundation

Kevin Rose (to 12/17)
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Xiao Xi (to 12/18)
Zhejiang University (China)

Feel free to get in touch about anything regarding Early Career Activities!