L&O Special Issue on Methane

Limnology & Oceanography will be publishing a special issue late this year or early next year on methane, entitled Methane Emissions from Oceans, Wetlands, and Freshwater Habitats: New Perspectives and Feedbacks on Climate, and edited by Special Editors Leila Hamdan of George Mason University and Kimberly Wickland of the U.S. Geological Survey. We welcome submissions from any researcher who works in this area. 

Methane emissions from natural sources are a significant proportion of the global methane budget, and marine sediment stores immense quantities of methane in the form of clathrates. Advances in quantification of emissions from freshwater and marine sources, understanding of key processes and controls of emissions, development of novel tools and techniques to measure, model and scale emissions, and evaluation of how methane sources have changed over geological time and may be altered by current global warming are being achieved on many fronts. This Special Issue aims to gather together the latest science on compelling topics on methane production and emissions from freshwater, estuarine and marine systems, with the goal of providing a comprehensive view of the state of the science on the role of aquatic ecosystems in the global methane cycle. Focus will be placed on characterization and modeling of sources from different habitats and climatic settings, including wetlands, streams and rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and ocean systems. Discussion for implications for feedbacks on climate is ideal. Article formats may include review, synthesis, and original research papers. Although L&O does not have strict page guidelines, most papers average between 15 to 20 printed pages. For this special issue, we are encouraging research papers that are relatively short, say 10 to 15 printed pages, and review and synthesis papers that strive to stay under 20 pages. The deadline for manuscript submission is September 4, 2015. Manuscripts may be submitted earlier, and accepted papers will be published online upon acceptance. A print volume will be published as a special issue of Limnology & Oceanography with all accepted articles in late 2015, if possible, or in 2016. Articles should be submitted through ScholarOne at the Wiley Limnology & Oceanography website. Please identify your submission for consideration in the methane issue. With best wishes, Bob Howarth Editor-in-Chief Limnology &Oceanography
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