Modeler at Work, by Murray MacKayModeler at Work, by Murray MacKay

The Purpose of ASLO is to foster a diverse, international scientific community that creates, integrates and communicates knowledge across the full spectrum of aquatic sciences, advances public awareness and education about aquatic resources and research, and promotes scientific stewardship of aquatic resources for the public interest.

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2019 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

2018 Aquatic Sciences Meeting Event Site

Planet Water: Challenges and Successes. Topics to be discussed include the role of science at the center of all economic, societal and environmental recovery and development efforts, studies on renewable energy, environmental sustainability, clean water, and rebuilding and maintaining terrestrial ecosystems.

L&O: Methods Anniversary

L&O: Methods 15th Anniversary Special Collection

We are celebrating the 15th anniversary of L&O: Methods with a collection of the top-cited or top-downloaded articles in each of the past 15 years. In them, you will see the continuing evolution of the aquatic sciences, even over so short a time. Enjoy reading!

ASLO Scientists Contribute

What does it mean to be a limnologist or oceanographer? How does aquatic science contribute to society? Learn more about how these fields of science help us understand our planet and how ASLO members share their science with the public.

Photo Contest

Movement patterns, by Gesa Weyhenmeyer

2nd Place Winner in the Research Category
Movement patterns
Photo by ASLO member Gesa Weyhenmeyer

Young students studied aquatic locomotion. After discussing coordination and adaption patterns needed by aquatic organisms, they tested the complexity of movement patterns by trying to coordinate the movement of twelve arms and legs, while staying in the air as long as possible.

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Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship Fund

The Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship Program ensures that our tradition of editorial excellence is even stronger and more enduring in the years ahead. Your donation will allow us to sustain and expand this endowed program beyond the initial generous gift from the family of Raelyn Cole (L&O's Managing Editor for 30 years). ASLO will fully match all donations received by December 31, 2018, up to $100,000 in total.

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Hollywood tips for initiating collaboration

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