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ASLO Statement on Open Access

As part of ASLO's mission to disseminate and communicate knowledge in the aquatic sciences, ASLO strongly supports open access to its journal content and continues to seek ways to make that content available while maintaining the quality of the journals. Any article published in any of the three ASLO journals can be in open access, and approximately 90% of all articles are freely available to the public through our website. ASLO's philosophy is to make all articles older than 3 years freely available to the public via the ASLO website, and to use the additional value in the more recent articles to generate the revenue needed to sustain the publishing operation. For articles younger than 3 years, authors can choose to make their articles open access immediately upon posting, through the purchase of FAP (freely accessible publication). About 40% of papers published within the past 3 years are freely accessible through author-purchased FAP. Individual authors are also free to post PDF copies of their work published in ASLO journals on their individual or institutional websites. It is not necessary to request permission from ASLO so long as such postings are not used for commercial purposes.

If you have comments or suggestions on ASLO's open access policy, please contact the Publications Committee (


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