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Screeching In

In Newfoundland, there is a tradition of welcoming “come-from-aways” with a simple ceremony involving Screech, a cod fish, and certain mildly secret incantations! (With a collapse of the cod stocks, the hind end of a puffin is sometimes substituted for the cod; however, this is viewed by purists as a debased form of the rite.)  At the end of the ceremony, the successful applicant receives a certificate and is inscribed as an Honorary Newfoundlander.  This ceremony is know as “Screeching In” and is open to all applicants.  Those who attended the 1983 ASLO Summer Meeting in St. John's have fond memories of following Yvette Edmondson up to “kiss the Cod” and some even still have the treasured certificate.  For more information on screech-ins and its origins, see

Hospital & Medical Services

Canadian hospitals and medical services are excellent.  Newfoundland hospitals will not refuse treatment to those requiring care, regardless of their financial status or health care coverage.  For emergencies dial “911” in St. John's or the RCMP at 1-800-709-7267 for provincial-wide emergencies. 

City hospitals are as follows:

Health Science Centre
Prince Philip Parkway
St. John's
Tel:  709-777-3600

Janeway Child Health Centre
Prince Philip Parkway
St. John's
Tel:  709-777-6300
Emergency:  709-777-4575

St. Clare's Mercy Hospital
154 LeMarchant Road
St. John's
Tel:  709-777-5000
Emergency:  709-777-5501

Child Care Information

This meeting is designed to be family friendly! 

The local YMCA offers an active daycare program including outside activities and culture types of events.  There are two options depending upon the numbers and ages of requests.  Some may be accommodated at the YMCA that is located about 15-20 minutes walk from the convention center and/or to host a childcare center at the Delta Hotel.  Please check if you are interested in daycare on the registration form and you will be contacted about how to make this an interesting and fun meeting for your children.

Additional daycare may also be available at Memorial University.  Check the meeting web site for new information or contact the ASLO business office (

Liquor Laws

The legal minimum age to purchase or consume alcohol in Newfoundland and Labrador is 19.  Most clubs and lounges in the city of St. John's are open until 3 am (based on customer volume).

Metric System

Canada uses the metric system for weights, measure and distance.


Approximately 125,000 moose inhabit the island of Newfoundland.  Moose are dangerous to motorists.  If you see one on or near the highway, slow down immediately and prepare to stop.  Like all wild animals, moose are unpredictable.  Avoid driving at night if possible, but if you must drive, slow down.  Pay attention to warning signs.  A road sign that says “Caution, Moose Next 11 Kilometers” means moose cross there frequently.

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