Social Events

Opening Welcome Mixer Reception

Sunday, 8 June 2008-7-9pm in Marconi Hall at the Conference Center.

An opening welcome mixer reception will be held on Sunday, 8 June 2008. This will not be your ordinary mixer-instead, we will open this meeting with a traditional Newfoundland kitchen party, so bring your own instrument or join our entertainers as we open the meeting St. John’s style. Conference registration also will be open at that time to allow you to pick up your conference materials.

Lobster Dinner Evening Social (Optional)

Wednesday, 11 June 2008, 6:30pm

What could better represent St. John’s than a lobster dinner (vegetarian options available) with your fellow conference attendees! Join us for a special dinner at the Sundance Bar and Grill/Club One on George Street on Wednesday.

Each dinner will include a 1.25-1.5 lb. lobster, various sides, dessert, coffee, and tea. Vegetarian options are also available. Cash bar will be open throughout the evening. The price per individual for this dinner is $45 for lobster and $25 for a vegetarian dinner. On-site sign-up will be limited and must be made by the end of the day Monday.

Screeching In

In Newfoundland, there is a tradition of welcoming “come-from-aways” with a simple ceremony involving Screech, a cod fish, and certain mildly secret incantations! (With a collapse of the cod stocks, the hind end of a puffin is sometimes substituted for the cod; however, this is viewed by purists as a debased form of the rite.) At the end of the ceremony, the successful applicant receives a certificate and is inscribed as an Honorary Newfoundlander. This ceremony is known as “Screeching In” and is open to all applicants. Those who attended the 1983 ASLO Summer Meeting in St. John’s have fond memories of following Yvette Edmondson up to “kiss the Cod” and some even still have the treasured certificate. For more information on screech-ins and its origins, see

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