2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting

Interactions on the Edge

The theme of the meeting reflects the history, geographical location and geomorphology of our host town. This meeting is about interactions; between scientists of course, and also between disciplines and approaches, between ecosystems and environments - freshwater and marine. Standing at the easternmost edge of North America, oceans lakes and rivers define the landscape and shape the people and their interactions with the world. Water and fish brought the first Newfoundlanders here and still define their identity. Our visit to St. John's will be a great opportunity to explore linkages between limnology, oceanography and fisheries. We will also highlight cold-water ecosystems. What better place than Newfoundland at the time of year when icebergs dot the coast? Finally, we cannot come to Newfoundland without thinking about our past and revisiting our roots. Ancestors and history are alive in the collective memory here, and we will take time to reflect on the progress and directions of our discipline in the 25 years since ASLO last met in St. John's. Plenary lectures will be held Monday through Friday. Poster and oral sessions will be held throughout the meeting.

As for the edge(s), you'll see when you get here. (For a sneak preview, look at the webcam mounted at the Ocean Sciences Centre of Memorial University, just outside St. John's at http://www.osc.mun.ca/seals/oldbaycam.html.)

Let's take risks, let's explore interactions, let's go to the edge of our science, and let's make this a great meeting!

2008 ASLO Summer Meeting Co-Chairs,

M. Robin Anderson and Hélène Cyr

The Scientific Program

The Program Committee is developing a scientific program that will cover all topics in aquatic sciences. Please continue to check this conference web site for up-to-date information, and consult your program that will be posted on the web site approximately four to six weeks prior to the meeting. A printed copy of the program will be handed out at the conference.

Abstracts of papers presented during the meeting will be published on the meeting web site and in a PDF format for downloading. Abstracts also will be archived on the ASLO web site following the meeting. An abstract book will not be published.

Plenary and Award Recipient Presentations

here will be plenary talks each morning throughout the week.; Monday, 9 June through Friday, 13 June 2008

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