2008 Summer Meeting
Education Outreach

Advancing the Science of Limnology and Oceanography with the Next Generation

As part of the ASLO Summer Meeting, the organizing committee has planned an education outreach activity for local high school students, which will take place on Thursday, 12 June.

Seven high school students, whose projects at the Eastern Regional Newfoundland Science Fair addressed aquatic science topics, have been invited to attend the meeting on Thursday. These students represent five high schools in the St. John’s area. They are:

  • Jonathan Mong, Holy Heart High School, St. John’s, NL; Project: Nothing Fishy About It
  • Stephen Brophy & Ashley Porter, Holy Spirit High School, Conception Bay South, NL; Project: The Wave of the Future
  • Jennifer Rowe & Ashley Bonnell, Booth Memorial High School, St. John’s, NL; Project: Think Before You Throw It Down The Sink!
  • Zea Cline Abrahams, Gonzaga High School, St. John’s, NL; Project: Fishy Physics: How Refraction Affects Fish
  • Michael Gardiner, Holy Trinity High School, Torbay, NL; Project: L’Hydro Électricité

Each of the high school students will be assigned a graduate student mentor who will accompany them throughout the day, and they will be invited to present their winning science fair project in the ASLO poster session on Thursday evening. We hope this will prove to be a rewarding experience for the students and their mentors, and an opportunity for ASLO members to interact with the next generation of aquatic scientists.

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