ASLO Summer Meeting
Environmental Efforts

The meeting organizers, the City of St. John’s, the Delta Hotel, and the St. John’s Convention Centre are very conscious of the negative impact that meetings can have on our environment. We have made substantial efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of this meeting, as detailed below, and urge all conference attendees to support our efforts and to check with their hotel about recycling and environmental impact policies.

The Delta Hotel will be the headquarter hotel for the meeting and has been awarded a 3 Green Key ECO-rating by the Hotel Association of Canada, in recognition of the hotel’s efforts to take significant steps to protect the environment. Strong environmental programs, best management practices, training programs, and engineering solutions have been implemented which have benefited the environment and the local community.

Shuttle transportation will not be provided and we encourage all participants to walk or take public transport wherever possible. Contact your hotel for information but most local hotels and all venues for the meeting are within walking distance of the meeting as well as of many wonderful restaurants (including vegetarian and vegan options) and bars for lunch and after-hours activities.

The meeting web site and electronic communication have been used as much as possible to reduce printing, including the posting of the calls for special sessions and abstract submission. Following the example of previous meetings, the printed conference program has been condensed and full abstracts of all papers presented during the meeting have been published on the meeting web site. The conference program was printed locally, on recycled paper, to benefit the local economy and reduce transport.

We encourage participants to enjoy delicious local produce during their stay in St. John’s and have made every effort to source local and/or ethically produced food. With the support of Hydro-Quebec, we have provided participants with insulated, reusable coffee cups for use during the meeting and afterwards. We hope to reduce by half the number of coffee cups used during the meeting and encourage participants to make use of the cup both at the conference venues and when purchasing take-away coffee from local restaurants. You will receive your coffee cup at registration and we encourage you to bring it with you for use throughout the meeting.


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