Scientific Theme and Program

On 6 June 2010, hundreds of aquatic scientists of many nationalities representing two major scientific societies will rendezvous on Santa Fe, New Mexico, to share and discuss their latest findings. The global water resources these scientists study face inordinate challenges.  The year 2010 marks the 400th commemoration of Santa Fe as a state capital and cultural center.  During these past four centuries, a limited supply of freshwater has been a precious hydrological lifeline in this area of the United States. 

The 2010 ASLO/NABS meeting’s theme, Aquatic Sciences: Global Changes from the Center to the Edge, draws attention to the entirety of aquatic systems on which humans depend.  Lakes and ponds have centers that respond to influences from the near shore and the watershed.  Science too has centers of scholarship and associated interdisciplinary activities.  This meeting will explore these and other centers and edges, encompassing and embracing the entire hydrological cycle and drawing strength from the synergy to be found between the North American Benthological Society (NABS) and the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO). 

Bringing these two societies together in a joint meeting shines light on many types of connections, whether they be thematic or interdisciplinary.  It is an efficient and effective means for both memberships to hear the latest scientific findings and results.  The conference layout and schedule will fully integrate the best of the typical meetings of both societies.  The aquatic sciences meeting will provide diverse opportunities for strong international interaction with emphasis on freshwater topics. 

The theme of the meeting will pull all of our aquatic sciences together and build strong synergy and collaboration between societies and scientists. The meeting will run the full week, with an opening session on Sunday evening, 6 June. This session will include a welcome by both society presidents and will be highlighted by a keynote speaker. A social/reception will follow. Friday, 11 June, is a full day as well, with a plenary session and presentation of society awards followed by concurrent sessions beginning in the morning and running through the end of the afternoon. 2010 is the 400th year commemoration of Santa Fe, so there will be lots of great activities going on in the city.

Abstracts of papers presented during the meeting will be published on the conference Web site as well in a PDF format for downloading.