Axler, R. P. Natural Resources Research Institute,
Munson, B. P. University of Minnesota-Duluth,
Hagley, C. A. Minnesota Sea Grant College,
Host, G. Natural Resources Research Institute,
Merrick, G., , MN 55811, USA,, . Lake Superior College,
Owen, C. J. Apprise Technologies, Inc.,

Water on the Web is designed to contribute to a more scientifically and technologically competent work force capable of integrating an understanding of aquatic systems with new technologies for assessing and resolving environmental problems through a comprehensive educational program for high school and community college students and teachers. A multi-disciplinary team from universities, community and tribal colleges, secondary schools, natural resource/research agencies, and industry is developing this curriculum. Modules will teach core and environmental science and computer networking concepts using remotely-sensed water quality data, GIS, and the Internet. RUSS systems (Apprise Technologies, Inc) were installed in two small, dimictic lakes (urban-mesotrophic and agricultural-eutrophic) in 1998; units will soon be placed in the second largest river discharging to L. Superior and a large, polymictic lake having a trophy fishery. RUSS units provide remotely programmable vertical profiling of temperature, DO, pH, EC, turbidity and redox. Data and monitoring scheduling is transmitted via cellular phone to the WOW website and ultimately the classroom. Students can then conduct interactive inquiries of lakes and watersheds, conduct basic science experiments, and learn data analysis techniques using these natural systems. Final curricula will be disseminated through printed materials; interactive CD-ROM distributed through the Sea Grant network; the Internet; and in-service training workshops.
Day: Wednesday, Feb. 3
Time: 11:15 - 11:30am
Location: Eldorado Hotel
Code: SS53WE1115E