Arango, H. G.. Rutgers University,
Glenn, S. G.. Rutgers University,
Haidvogel, D. B. Rutgers University,

A NOPP-sponsored, real-time, ocean nowcast and forecast experiments were carried out during July 1998 along the Southern New Jersey Coast. The newest member of the Rutgers University family of ocean models, ROMS (Regional Ocean Model System), was used to predict the 3D coastal circulation associated with recurrent summer upwelling events. The various data gathered by the observational network at the Long-Term Ecosystem Observatory (LEO-15) were used to initialize, update, and validate the coupled coastal model. The updating was done via an optimal interpolation (OI) assimilation scheme, as data became available. Surface forcing was obtained from the Navy Operational Global and Regional Atmospheric Prediction System (NOGAPS and NORAPS) forecasts which extended out to six days. The ocean forecasting schedule was tuned to our data sampling strategy which required a three-day forecast twice a week. The predictive skill of the coastal model and the impact of data assimilation are evaluated. Additional modeling experiments have since been performed using a reduced state Kalman Filter assimilation scheme in hindcast mode.
Day: Friday, Feb. 5
Time: 09:45 - 10:00am
Location: Hilton of Santa Fe
Code: SS12FR0945H