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General Travel Information

February is a most desirable time of year in Puerto Rico, a beautiful tropical paradise. This setting, however, will require some extra effort when traveling to and from San Juan and when making daily trips between the hotels and the Convention Center.

San Juan is a popular cruise ship port. Traveling into the city on a Saturday or Sunday is particularly busy. Therefore, when planning your trip, please make sure to make your flight reservations early.

The Puerto Rico Convention Center (PRCC) built in 2005 is located within the city of San Juan and will be the focal point for the 2011 meeting. It is located across from the new Sheraton Hotel, the only hotel located within walking distance. Walking distance in San Juan is determined more by city street congestion and ease of crossing intersections than it is linear distance.

Recognizing this fact, and that the remainder of the hotels are not easily accessible by foot, ASLO has arranged for shuttle bus transportation between the “Block Hotels” and the PRCC during the early morning and late afternoon heavy traffic hours. (Your hotel room key will serve as your bus pass.) Taxicabs and automobile parking are also available. Use of the shuttle service or taxicabs is strongly suggested in order to provide for the maximum convenience and safety of attendees. The crossing of major roadways near the Convention Center does not offer pedestrian conveniences such as traffic lights and protected walkways.

The “Block Hotels” are located in two distinctive and charming areas of the city, the Condado area and the Isla Verde area. Condado is one and one-half miles from the PRCC and will take 20 to 25 minutes during heavy traffic times via the shuttle. Isla Verde is approximately four miles from the PRCC will take 35 to 40 minutes during heavy traffic. Municipal bus transportation from some hotels that are not “Block Hotels” may be possible.

For those who rent cars, there are 1800 parking spaces at the PRCC. Expect to pay $5 per day for parking at the PRCC. Please refer to the individual hotel write-ups for daily parking charges.