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January 2009

25-30 January 2009

Film Festival

For 35 years Daniel Mercier has organized the World Festival of Underwater Pictures at Antibes (about 20 km West of Nice). Through his foundation, he widely distributes the movies that won an award in recent years and generously agreed to provide several movies to display during lunch each day of the meeting. (See program below.) The movies were selected by Jean de Vaugelas and Patrice Francour (University of Nice). The organizers are very grateful to them.

The film festival will take place Monday through Friday from 1230 to 1430 in the Hermes Theater.

Monday, 26 January
Planet Earth Shallow Seas

Following a humpback whale mother and calf on their epic journey across the richest seas that fringe the coasts, Shallow Seas reveals seas of great contrast and surprise along the continental shelf. From tropical coral paradises, where the newborn calf takes his first faltering breaths, to the storm-ravaged icy polar seas, the whales’ great feeding ground in the Bering Sea, their migration is truly impressive. (58 minutes)

Tuesday, 27 January
Tale of the Tides: The Hyaena and The Mudskipper

The north of Kenya has many mangroves in which many marine and terrestrial animals come to take refuge. Crabs, monkeys, octopuses, fish - clowns and other, sharks, and whales, approach some by curiosity. (51 minutes)

Wednesday, 28 January
Under Antarctic Ice

Does the thought of diving in the chilly waters or trudging across the brutally cold and desolate terrain of Antarctica send shivers down your spine? This crew teamed up to shoot Antarctica marine life both underwater and on land. This is probably the first film that has documented the benthic community of deep Antarctica. (60 minutes)

Thursday, 29 January
Mzima: Home of the River’s Horse

In Africa, hippos bring life to spring and make it Mzima - the kiswahili for alive. The story centers on the extraordinary relationship the hippos have developed with all the springs’ creatures and ends with infanticide of a tiny baby hippo. (50 minutes)

Friday, 30 January
Equator: Rivers of the Sun

The mighty Amazon River is the lifeblood of the jungle. For half a year, freshwater fish flourish in floodwaters that rise among the trees and then, as the waters retreat, these fish face a six-month drought. The enduring Amazon is both a time capsule for ancient animals and a hothouse for the evolution of new species. (52 minutes)