Key Dates:

Call for Papers
Summer 2008

Abstract Submittal Deadline
3 October 2008

Authors Notified,
Student Travel Grant Recipients Notified
December 2008 

Schedule Posted
January 2009

25-30 January 2009


Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

ASLO gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation whose purpose is to protect the environment and to encourage sustainable development. The Foundation provided support to organize sessions 54 (Impacts of Climate Warming on Polar Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems) and 65 (Climate Change Effects on Mediterranean Coastal Ecosystems). More specifically, each of these sessions was provided funding to invite a keynote speaker as well as 12 fellowships to assist with the participation of scientists from the southern coast of the Mediterranean and students.

Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR)

The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) has recently celebrated 50 years of bringing together ocean scientists from around the world to plan and conduct research and to identify important research topics for the future.  SCOR (through funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation) is providing support for scientists from developing countries and countries with economies in transition to travel to this ASLO meeting.

Information Service System (ISS)

The Information Service System (ISS) of the Nice-Sophia Antipolis University will tape the keynote presentations during the plenary sessions. These presentations (Power Point slide show and speaker voice) will then be podcasted over the internet and links will be provided on the ASLO web site. We gratefully acknowledge the ISS department for its assistance made possible by a generous grant from the Nice-Sophia Antipolis University.

Institut Océanographique Paul Ricard

Since its creation by Mr. Paul Ricard, the Oceanographic Institute ( has taken an active part in the acquisition of knowledge and protection of the Mediterranean Sea. Its actions are organized around three main axes: scientific research, public awareness to marine biodiversity, and education of the adults of tomorrow. ASLO thanks Ms. Patricia Ricard, President of the Oceanographic Institute, for her generosity in sponsoring the Wednesday evening poster session offering aperitifs (refreshments) to the participants.


Special thanks to Satlantic for providing the lanyards to attendees of this year’s meeting.