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Call for Papers
Summer 2008

Abstract Submittal Deadline
3 October 2008

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December 2008 

Schedule Posted
January 2009

25-30 January 2009

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Preparation Specifications

All abstracts must be in English, using metric units. Do not include illustrations, figures, or photos. Use no smaller than 10-point type if submitting by mail. Use a single space between sentences.

The title of the abstract must be in all caps and must not exceed 160 characters. The body of the abstract must adhere to a maximum count of 180 words, exclusive of the title and the author citations. Please make the abstract as informative and representative of your presentation as possible.

The abstract submittal system uses the UTF-8 (Unicode) character set. Submitters may use HTML coding to set italics or display special characters. Please do not use bold or underline formatting however, as this will be stripped out in the final, printed version of your abstract. Make sure you properly close your HTML tags.

Some examples:

A good reference for finding and using codes can be found at:

Important! Special characters and formatting are not required. Every abstract will be considered equally.

We offer the opportunity for authors who want to take the extra steps or who want to more properly submit personal and family names or the name of their organization.

Session Topic Codes

To assist the organizing committee in assigning your abstract to an appropriate session, please use the session codes. Please enter your first, second, and third choices under the Session Topic Code portion of the abstract form. Be sure to include the complete code for the appropriate session. While every attempt will be made to accommodate your session requests, the committee cannot guarantee your abstract will be placed in any of the sessions chosen. Priority is given to the overall scientific program and, therefore, final placement is solely at the discretion of the organizing committee.