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Session Codes by Topic

To assist you further when indicating the most appropriate sessions for your abstract submission, the following is a listing of the sessions by topic.

Conservation, restoration and management

SS01, SS02, SS13, SS17, SS35, SS39, SS40, SS42, SS43, SS61, SS63, SS69, SS71, SS74

Climate and environmental changes

SS06, SS15, SS18, SS21, SS22, SS25, SS26, SS31, SS35, SS45, SS50, SS62, SS65, SS71, SS78, SS82

New technology and methods

SS01, SS13, SS15, SS23, SS28, SS45, SS53, SS60, SS61, SS64, SS72

Land-sea interface

SS15, SS17, SS27, SS46, SS54, SS56, SS71, SS77

Estuaries and coastal seas

SS05, SS24, SS25, SS39, SS40, SS43, SS47, SS49, SS52, SS56, SS60, SS61, SS65, SS69, SS77, SS82

Education and communication

SS02, SS04, SS11, SS29, SS32, SS43, SS47, SS53, SS54, SS69, SS74, SS85

Existing and emerging environmental threats

SS05, SS13, SS30, SS36, SS39, SS40, SS44, SS62, SS73, SS74, SS82

Aquatic systems on land

SS17, SS21, SS22, SS27, SS37, SS46, SS49, SS63, SS67, SS71, SS77, SS78, SS81

Physical and geological processes

SS24, SS25, SS30, SS34, SS48, SS51, SS56, SS59, SS73

Chemistry and chemical processes

SS08, SS10, SS21, SS23, SS30, SS33, SS36, SS45, SS48, SS51, SS56, SS57, SS68, SS70

Microbial diversity and processes

SS03, SS06, SS12, SS14, SS20, SS31, SS33, SS37, SS46, SS49, SS52, SS59, SS70, SS75, SS76, SS79, SS80, SS81

Planktonic and pelagic environments

SS03, SS08, SS14, SS16, SS18, SS19, SS20, SS31, SS33, SS44, SS50, SS51, SS57, SS58, SS59, SS64, SS72, SS73, SS74, SS79

Benthic and deep-water environments

SS08, SS14, SS16, SS18, SS30, SS34, SS48, SS58, SS75


SS04, SS10, SS11, SS12, SS19, SS26, SS28, SS29, SS32, SS36, SS42, SS51, SS67, SS68, SS76, SS80

Tick-Talk Sessions

SS83, SS84