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Abstract Submission Procedures

Abstract Submission Overview

Abstract Submission Deadlines

The abstract submission deadline is midnight (23:59 US CDT) on Friday, 5 October 2012. In order for scheduling to be completed in a timely manner, all submissions must be received by this date. Stated guidelines and procedures must be followed exactly. If not, your paper will not be accepted. Abstracts can be submitted via the Internet. This method of submission is highly preferred.

Abstract Submission Requirements

An abstract submission fee of $60.00 USD ASLO members/$80 non-ASLO members is required for each submission, along with a full paid registration.  This fee is non-refundable should it later be determined you are not able to attend and make your presentation. However, registration fees are refundable under the registration guidelines.

All persons wishing to contribute an abstract must complete a registration form with payment for the abstract submission fee and full registration fee when submitting their abstract. Abstracts will not be accepted if payment for the one-day registration fee only is submitted. Only one paper per first author will be accepted. An abstract submission fee and registration fee paid by the presenting author must accompany each paper accepted. Poster presentations are strongly encouraged and will play an important role in this meeting. All presentations will be considered for poster presentation. 

Second Abstract Submissions  

The organizing committee encourages the submission of a second abstract if you would like to submit a scientific paper coupled with either education or communication, or a Tick-Talk Session. (SS02, SS04, SS11, SS29, SS32, SS43, SS47, SS53, SS54, SS69, SS74, SS83 or SS84). There are no fees required if this is a second abstract. The second submission may be a poster instead of another oral presentation.  No second abstracts are permitted without an accompanying presenter listed, and all registration fees paid for the first submission.

Specially designated tutorial or overview presenters may be allowed to submit a second scientific abstract.  For additional information, please contact Lynda West at 254-776-3550, or via e-mail at lyndaw@sgmeet.com.

Previewing Abstracts

When you submit your abstract, you will receive a confirmation and will be given a login and password for making necessary corrections. Please check your abstract for errors after you submit.

Author Notification

Presenting authors will receive electronic confirmation when the abstract and registration are received and will receive confirmation in this same manner when the abstract is accepted and assigned. Accepted abstracts will be posted on the website after the scientific program schedule has been determined. If confirmation and notification by electronic means are not possible, please indicate an alternate method of notification when you submit your abstract.