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Oral Presenter Instructions

Talks will be scheduled in 15-minute time slots. We strongly encourage a presentation of no more than 12 minutes to allow three minutes for discussion and to entertain questions from those in the audience. The time limit will be strictly enforced to facilitate movement between sessions.

No recording is allowed in any of the session rooms during the meeting.

Preparing Your Electronic Presentation

The audio visual company for the 2013 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting is PSAV Audio Visual. Please contact PSAV if you have questions about preparing your presentation for the meeting and/or submitting your presentation electronically prior to the meeting:

Email: CMSsupport@psav.com
Phone: 214-210-8006

Microsoft PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint embeds image files directly into the file when you save them, while video files are not embedded. Only a link is made to the video file. Copy the video clips you want to insert into the same folder as the PowerPoint file. This will eliminate the problem of PowerPoint losing the link to the file. Be certain to bring the video files and the PowerPoint files to the meeting.

Please try to keep the video files size to less than 20MB if possible. Use short video segments when needed

List of Preferred Media

(Video/Audio) Formats: (.wmv) (.mpg) (.avi) (.swf) (.wav) (.mov)

Compatible Codecs:

Fonts: Arial and Helvetica are recommended for clarity and compatibility. Confirm a font size of AT LEAST 24 points for body text and 36 – 40 points for headings. Light colored text on a dark background is advised. Avoid using red or green. Confirm that the maximum number of lines in text slides is no more than 6 or 7.

Images: The size of the screen will be 1024 x 768 pixels, meaning that any image with more pixels in the X or Y coordinate that is more than that will not be displayed. The image will be altered by PowerPoint to fit. Large images (i.e. 2000 x 1500 pixels) which are created with digital cameras and scanners will make the resulting PowerPoint file very large. This may cause the presentation to load slowly. This can be avoided by inserting images with the following properties:

Use the “Insert” feature of PowerPoint to add images to your presentations. Do not copy/paste them into the slide or click and drag.

Apple Macintosh Users

Apple Macintosh users can also upload PowerPoint presentations to the website. Speakers creating presentations using Apple Keynote (.key) will need to bring their files directly to the Presentation Room to have them loaded to the network. PSAV will have a Macintosh computer in each breakout room.

Bring a Backup

Be sure to bring a backup copy of your presentation with you to the meeting. If you plan to upload files on-site, bring two copies. USB/Flash drives are preferred.

During Your Presentation

Each meeting room will be staffed with a PSAV technician who will assist with starting each presentation. Once the presentation is launched, the speaker will control the program from the podium using a computer mouse or the up/down/right/left keys on a keyboard.

Computer Equipment

The Presentation Room and all meeting rooms will be equipped with both a Windows 7 based PCs with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and an Apple Macintosh with Keynote ‘09. Verification of proper performance in the Presentation Room is essential, particularly if video and animation is included in the presentation. Please note that Internet access will not be available during your presentation.


Personal laptops cannot be used in the meeting rooms. You must upload your files in the Presentation Room at all times regardless of arrival time. PSAV support staff will be available to transfer from your laptop if needed. Please make sure you bring laptop video port adapters and power cables with you. Always bring a backup of the presentation on flash drive/memory stick or disc to the Presentation Room.

Rental of Additional Audio-Visual Equipment

Rental of a VCR, monitor, slide projector, audio systems, provision of extra power outlets, extra tables, stands, etc. can be handled for an additional cost. Costs for additional equipment will be billed to the presenting author. Please contact the conference management office for other presentation requests.

Presentation Room

Room 339

All speakers must check in at the Presentation Room preferably the day before your session to preview your presentation. If you are checking in on the day of your session, please come by at least 4 hours prior to the start of your session. PSAV technicians will assist with the upload of your files and provide the opportunity to preview and/or edit the presentation as necessary. If you are unavoidably delayed, you must still go directly to the Presentation Room.

Do not bring a laptop or other media device to the session room.

When reviewing your presentation in the Presentation Room, make sure all fonts, images, and animations appear as expected and that all audio or video clips are working properly. The computers in the meeting rooms are the same as the computers in the Presentation Room, therefore:



Speakers are required to provide identification in order to submit their presentation as well as to access it in the Presentation Room. Recording devices such as cameras are not permitted in the Presentation Room. All presentation files are deleted at the end of the conference, unless permission has been granted to the conference association to retain the presentation files.

Speaker Ready Room

A practice room will be open for ASLO 2013 presenters in Room 340 during the following times: