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Oral Presentations

Talks will be scheduled in 15-minute time slots. We strongly encourage a presentation of no more than 12 minutes to allow three minutes for discussion and to entertain questions from those in the audience. In special cases, and at the discretion of the session organizers, invited presenters may be given two consecutive slots to provide a tutorial talk at the beginning of the session. The time limit will be strictly enforced to facilitate movement between sessions.

Presentation Preview

Prepare your data in Microsoft Power Point format.

Please arrive in time to download and preview your presentation at the Presentation Center (PC Center, Piazza Omi – Room 203) at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your session. 

Speaker Ready Room

A speaker preparation room is available throughout the meeting in Piazza Omi – Room 202. This room will be set so that presenters can practice their talks.

PC Center (Presentation Room)

The PC Center is located in Room 203 at Piazza Omi and is available only for the speakers to download and preview their presentations.

PC Center Hours:

Monday, July 09:  08:00-17:30
Tuesday, July 10:  08:00-17:30
Wednesday, July 11:  08:00-17:30
Thursday, July 12:  08:00-17:30
Friday, July 13:  08:00-10:30

A remote presentation system is available in each session room. There will be a TFT monitor, mouse, and keyboard on the podium to operate the presentation. 

Should speakers wish to update the data for presentation at the last minute, they should bring the data to the PC Center on either a USB flash memory or CD-R.  If your presentation data is linked to other files, those linked files also should be saved in the same folder and checked for operability beforehand. 

Windows is the only operating system available for the presentations.

Using Your Computer

If you have prepared presentation data on a MacIntosh, you are advised to bring your own computer. Likewise, if your presentation data has audio/video images, please bring your own computer for presentation. 

If you use your own computer in the session room:

Please bring your AC adapter with you. 

After checking your data at the PC Center, please bring your computer to the operations desk at the session room 30 minutes prior to the start time of your session. 

Following the conclusion of your session, we will return your computer at the operations desk. Please come to the operations desk promptly to collect it.