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ASLO Open Symposium

Sunday, 8 July, 13:00 to 15:30 in Biwako Hall – Theatre.

Those who wish to attend must register for the public symposium at a table outside the Theatre . You do not need to register for the meeting in order to attend the public symposium.

A  jazz session will follow from 15:30 to 17:00.

We will give simultaneous interpreting system to each participant.

Objectives:  To engage members of the public including high school students in dialogue about the world’s precious freshwater resources (such as Lake Biwa) in the context of rapid environmental change.

Theme:  The Shiga Prefecture “Mother Lake” concept in the context of our changing planetary environment:  seeking harmonious co-existence with lake ecosystems and the biosphere via the paths of water research, knowledge exchange and wise management of aquatic resources.

Title in Japanese:  Mizu no michi o tadoru:  Mother Lake kara Mother Earth e
Title in English: Follow the Water: from “Mother Lake” to “Mother Earth”


Michio Kumagai (ASLO co-convenor): Welcome


Question and answer period:


Michio Kumagai (ASLO co-convenor): Closes this event