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Child Care

Piazza Omi – Room 201

Pre-arranged child care services will be available during the meeting from 08:00 to 17:00, Monday, 9 July, through Friday, 13 July.  Only children ages 4 years old and up will be able to sign up for day care. There are a limited number of child care spots available. It may be possible to accommodate requests for childcare on-site, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to accept children unless they are pre-registered. The childcare providers will accommodate your child or children based on availability, as long as staffing ratios are main­tained. If they have already received the maximum number of res­ervations for a certain day/time, their ability to accept “drop-ins” would be limited. The meeting organizers assume no responsibility or liability for services rendered.

You must sign up for child care in advance by completing the Daycare Signup Form (PDF) form with this call for papers and emailing to:  aslo2012@congre.co.jp.

There are a limited number of child care grants available.  If you do not receive funding, you will be asked to pay ASLO directly for any additional costs.  You may also decide not to use the child care facilities if ASLO funding is not provided or sufficient. The cost of any payments will be discussed with you by email.

Parents will need to provide all pertinent information.  ASLO is not responsible for the childcare arrangements once they are funded. 

Form: Daycare Signup (PDF)