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SS10.01: Webs and Scales
Organizer: G.-A.Paffenhofer, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (cmp@skio.peachnet.edu) and C.B.Miller, Oregon State University (cmiller@oce.orst.edu)

This session is intended to honor Michael M. Mullin whose personality and accomplishments as a researcher and teacher are a shining example for all of us. The title reflects to a large extent his research ideas and accomplishments. He was among the first in marine science to link field observations with laboratory quantifications that have enhanced our knowledge of in situ processes. He was a staunch supporter of ASLO from its early beginning on. For this session will ask potential participants for presentations focusing on the following topics:

  1. Pelagic food webs from microbes to fisheries
  2. Studies on living zooplankton - Methods, Benefits, and Limits
  3. Transfer of ecological effects from the viscous regime to transoceanic telecommunications across spatial and temporal scales.

We are inviting/requesting presentations that include recent results and developments within the above mentioned topics, including the development of novel ideas. Presentations of interdisciplinary studies are encouraged, especially empirical-modeling interconnections. A significant part of this session will be that after each presentation there will be a discussion period to allow for some exchange between the speaker and the audience. We feel that Mike Mullin would have been happy to see that his ideas for critical, yet fair, and simultaneously constructive communication among scientists (which we are encouraging for our session) was a major way to enhance the advancement of our field of science.

S10.03: COSEE: Enhancing the broader impacts of ocean science research
Organizers: Linda Duguay, University of Southern California Sea Grant Program (duguay@usc.edu) and Judith Lemus, University of Southern California Sea Grant Program (jdlemus@usc.edu)

This session would focus on the national network of Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence. The main topic of discussion would be geared toward connecting ocean scientists with opportunities to enhance the broader impacts of their research through education and outreach. A related topic area would be a forum to explore how ocean scientists can reach broader audiences and improve the public image of ocean science research.

Added Sessions

SS11.01: Food-web Dynamics and C Flux in an Era of Climatic Variability: A Pan-Arctic Perspective

SS11.03: New Sensor Technologies for Coastal Ocean Observing Systems



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