Special Session List

Sub-theme 1: Mid- and High-Latitude Oceanography
SS1.01 Shelf-Basin Interactions in the Western Arctic
SS1.02 Oceanography and Ecology of the Aleutian Archipelago
SS1.03 Differential Mixing of Salinity and Temperature
SS1.04 Integration of Meso/Sub-mesoscale Hydrodynamics & Acoustic Propagation in Continental Shelf-break Regions

Sub-theme 2: Coupled Physical-Biological Processes
SS2.02 Biological Microscale Patterns and Processes in the Ocean: Towards a Seascape Topology
SS2.03 Biological Adaptations to Turbulent Flow
SS2.04 Effects of Small-scale Turbulence at the Community and Ecosystem Levels
SS2.05 The Effect of Turbulence on Pelagic and Benthic Organisms
SS2.06 Island and Sea Mount Oceanography: Physics, Biogeochemistry and Fisheries
SS2.07 PARADIGM: The Partnership for Advancing Interdisciplinary Global Modeling
SS2.08 Development of Coupled Models and Biological Sampling Strategies to Improve Prediction
SS2.09 Physical and Biochemical Evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean in the 90's
SS2.10 The Role of Bermuda Based Studies in Our Understanding of Ocean and Atmospheric Processes
SS2.11 The Newest Generation of Deep Sea Exploration
SS2.12 Structure in an Apparently Uniform Environment

Sub-theme 3: Coral Reefs
SS3.02 Coral Reef Estuaries

Sub-theme 4: Molecular Ecology
SS4.01 Marine Viromics - The Interaction of Viral Genomes with the Environment
SS4.02 Ecology and Physiology of Marine Organisms: Insights from Genes, Genomes and Proteomes

Sub-theme 5: Biogeochemical Cycles
SS5.01 Metal Cycling in Coastal Wetlands
SS5.02 Elemental Cycling Under Suboxic/Anoxic Conditions
SS5.03 The Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron in the Ocean – From Genes to Gyres
SS5.04 Bioturbation: Who, When and Why?
SS5.05 Sedimentary Indigestion: Bubbles and Ebullition
SS5.06 Advances in Diagenetic Modelling
SS5.07 Response of the Upper Ocean to Mesoscale Iron Enrichment
SS5.08 Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Material in Marine and Freshwater Environments
SS5.09 Dynamic Interactions Between Particulate and Dissolved Mineral and Organic Matter
SS5.10 Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
SS5.12 Interactions and Feedbacks Among Marine Pelagic Ecosystems, Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate, in a Globally Changing Environment
SS5.13 Eutrophication of Coastal Waters
SS5.14 The Aquatic Gel Phase: Its Role in Biogeochemical Cycles
SS5.15 Biogeochemical Processes Within Freshwater Influenced Coastal Systems

Sub-theme 6: Observing Systems
SS6.01 Research Experiences of Undergraduates in Aquatic Sciences
SS6.02 Advanced Underwater Robotics and Their Contributions on Aquatic Sciences
SS6.03 Analysis of Zooplankton Distributions Using the Optical Plankton Counter
SS6.04 Using Real-time Environmental Data for Education
SS6.05 Ocean Observing Systems: Novel Approaches to Studying and Monitoring Large Marine Ecosystems and Their Living Resources
SS6.07 Optical Observation of Phytoplankton Dynamics: Looking Beyond Biomass
SS6.08 IOOS and Regional Observing Systems: Science, Status and Plans
SS6.09 Assimilation of Observing System Data into Ocean Models

Sub-theme 7: Ocean Color Observations
SS7.01 Optical Properties of Oceanic Case 1 Waters: Still an Issue?
SS7.02 Hyperspectral Signatures of Case 2 Waters

Sub-theme 8: Pacific Fisheries/Census of Marine Life
SS8.03: Operational Fisheries Oceanography

Sub-theme 9: Urban Ocean - Coastal Ocean Near Centers of Urban Populations
SS9.01 Ecosystem Science Practiced in an Urbanized Estuary: South San Francisco Bay
SS9.02 Sources, Transport, and Fate of Contaminants in the Southern California Bight
SS9.03 Developing Ecosystem-based Products for Ocean and Estuarine Management
SS9.04 Understanding the Physiological and Community Ecology of Invasive Species
SS9.06 Dynamics of Pathogens in Marine Systems
SS9.07 Oceans and Human Health

Sub-theme 10: Other Sessions
SS10.01 Webs and Scales
SS10.03 COSEE: Enhancing the Broader Impacts of Ocean Science Research

Sub-theme 11: Added Sessions
SS11.01: Food-web Dynamics and C Flux in an Era of Climatic Variability: A Pan-Arctic Perspective
SS11.03: New Sensor Technologies for Coastal Ocean Observing Systems



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