Technical Problems

If you are having problems or need assistance using the Honolulu 2004 Conference Web Site, please be aware of the following before contacting the ASLO Business Office:

1) This site has been tested with Netscape Navigator (version 4.x, and versions 6.x/7.x), Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 4.x and 5.x/6.x), and Opera (version 6.x/7.x). While we publish out HTML document for the widest compatibility, we cannot guarantee compliance by older versions of these or other browsers.

2) This site uses Javascript for it main navigation feature. Please make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser. If it is not enabled, please enable Javascript, restart your browser, and revisit this web site.

If your browser is current and has Javascript enabled, and you still require technical assistance, please contact:

Christopher Schneider
ASLO Business Office
5400 Bosque Blvd., Suite 680
Waco, TX 76710
Telephone: 1-800-929-ASLO (U.S., Canada, and Caribbean) or +1 254-399-9635 (All other countries)
Telefax: +1 254-776-3767
E -mail:




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