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The Meeting Program is now available for download (909k, PDF format)

Summary of deadlines
December 15, 1999   Awards for young scientists from developing countries (applications)
January 15, 2000   Students travel awards (applications)
January 15, 2000   Abstract submission
March 15, 2000   Authors notified
1 ,2000
  Early Registration
5-9, 2000

We Welcome You to the ASLO 2000 Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Copenhagen

For the first time in the history of ASLO a meeting is taking place outside North America. About one third of the membership of ASLO is not from North America. In the spirit of international cooperation and realizing that science crosses boundaries, the ASLO Board is conducting an experiment and calls a meeting in Europe. A Scandinavian team of aquatic scientists took the challenge and invites the membership of ASLO and all other interested in aquatic sciences to join us in Copenhagen 5 to 9 June in the year 2000.

What's New!

05/31/00: Student Activities Finalized
Evening at Roundetarn
(Round Tower, agreat view of the city)
Admission: 15 DKK (a US buck or two)
On Monday June 5th we will meet at Radhauspladsen (large central square) near the statue of Hans Christian Anderson (SW side). We will walk at 5:30 PM to the Round Tower.

Evening at Tivoli Gardens
(world's oldest amusement park, 29 restaurants, gardens, rides and more)
Admission: 40-50 DKK ($5 - $7 US dollars) Tickets for rides extra (around 100 DKK)
On Friday June 9th we will meet at the entrance to Tivoli on Vesterbrograde (Big Street) at 6 PM.

Please indicate your interest in an email to your ASLO Student Rep:

05/25/00: Session Schedule Posted
The Program (909k, PDF format) is now available for download. Due to time constraints, the information in the Program will not be published on or searchable through the web site.

04/16/00: Session Schedule Posted
Summaries of the Session Schedule have been posted on the web site.

04/10/00: Student Activities
Want to join fellow ASLO Student members for an low-cost evening out in Copenhagen? Read on!

Evening at Roundetarn (Round Tower) (great view of the city)
Admission: 15 DKK (a US buck or two)
Tenatively planned for the evening of Monday June 5, between 5 & 8 PM Evening at Tivoli Gardens (world's oldest amusement park, 29 restaurants, gardens, rides and more)
Admission: 40-50 DKK ($5 - $7 US dollars) Tickets for rides extra (around 100 DKK)

Tentatively planned for the evening of Friday June 9, between 7 & 10 PM Please indicate your interest in an email to your ASLO Student Rep:

04/10/00: Housing/Roommate Service
If you interested in low-cost housing, please note that the Copenhagen Youth Hostel Amager (Kobenhavns Wandrerhjem Amager, located right across the street from the Bella Center) is completely booked during the week of the ASLO meeting. Another hostel possiblilty is given below. If you decide to book at this hostel you will need to make reservations directly (rather than through the DIS Congress who is handling meeting registration and hotel reservations, etc.)

City Public Hostel; Absalonsgade 8, 1658 kobenhavn V; phone: 33 31 20 70, 130 DKK per person per night which includes breakfast

This hostel is within walking distance (5-10 min) of the Central Station. Bus # 46 goes to the Bella Center. Total travel time between the hostel and the Bella Center is approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

If would you like to find a potential roommate(s) for the meeting send the following information to Maggie at Your name, email address, gender, smoking preference, special preferences.

Include the above in a message with a subject titled "roomie". If you have any special preferences regarding your potential roommate, these may be included at the end of the above message, but please separate each one by a comma. We will then mix and match requests based on preferences and you will receive a list of people whom you may contact. Your name will only be provided to student members of the same gender.

If you are interested in sight-seeing during your stay you might consider cycling- bicycles for use inside the city of Copenhagen are free of charge (a refundable deposit is required). Note, however, that you need to bring along a bicycle lock since these are not provided.

03/14/00: Latest News
1. We have received more than 1300 abstracts. LOC is working hard to accommodate this overwhelming interest, but we are pleased to have such positive attention. In the 9 concurrent session programs, we have room for about 200 hours oral presentations (incl. The tutorials). Some of you will shortly receive a message where we ask that oral is changed to poster. The special session Conveners have helped LOC to reach such decisions. We do not claim to have reached a "higher fairness," but we ask you to accept the poster contribution. The 600 posters will each be exposed about 2 1/2 days in a very nice position. All abstracts have been accepted so far, but please have patience, you will hear from us soon. Just prepare to come to Copenhagen.

2. A more technical thing: DIS our Congress Bureau has to match the abstracts with the registrations. Even a small deviation between the data in the electronic abstract file and the registration file will create a mismatch. A lost initial can mean the difference. Please help DIS to sort out the "few" mistakes of claimed missing registrations and keep the good humor.

3. The Workshop-2 on Stable Isotopes had to be cancelled due to other priorities by the organizers. This item will be included in WS-7. Please contact Veronique Martin-Jezequel (

4. Fieldtrips: The ASLO2000 fieldtrips have not aroused the attendees to outdoor life. Only the fieldtrips on Danish Lakes (No 1) and to Ploen (No. 2) are open for registration. The registration will close by April 1, so please hurry if you want to join.

5. The Post-meeting course on sediment/water interfaces organized by Peter Casper has still room. Please contact Peter (

6. The Program-outline will soon be available on the Web.

7. SS27 and 28 have been merged.

8. The Conveners for SS29 have to attend other business and those wanting to present in SS29 have been moved to SS37.

01/21/00: Some free places for Post-Meeting Course to take place June 10th to 17th
There are a few places left for the Post-Meeting Course: Sediment/Water Interfaces in Freshwater Lakes: Sampling, Handling and Analyzing with Emphases on Gases. which will be held at the Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, in Neuglobsow, Germany. Those who are interested may contact Peter Caspers ( or see under topic field trips. Deadline: 15. Febr. 2000.

12/21/99: Cancellation of Special Session 29 “Coupled physical-biological processes on continental shelves and the shelf break.”
Due to a change in the cruise plans of the Conveners this SS unfortunately has to be cancelled. Any contributions within this area will be placed in an appropriate SS or we will open a Contributed Session with a content similar to the cancelled session.

12/17/99: Post Abstracts for Workshops
Those who want to submit an abstract to one of the workshops, please follow the normal abstract submission procedures and state the workshop topic number in the topic section of the submission template, e.g. WS4 meaning Workshop 4. The abstracts will be printed in the abstract book

12/16/99: Travel Award Information Added
Information regarding travel awards for young scientists from developing countries was inadvertently left off the web site and is now available. The deadline has been extended to January 10, 2000.

11/18/99: Author Notification Pushed Back
The date for notification for final abstract acceptance has been changed form February 20, 2000 to March 15, 2000.

11/18/99: New Conveners for Special Sessions 18, 25, and 45
Sessions SS18: Integrating River Basins: Linking fluxes between catchments, rivers and estuaries, SS25: Ecological processes and ecosystems: functioning towards water purification, and SS45: Biogas cycling and emission along the aquatic continuum: From freshwater to coastal zones have new and/or additional conveners.

11/18/99: New Workshop Added
A new Workshop has been added to the Schedule. Please see WP-8 Application oriented marine science and the role of ICES for more details.

11/18/99: Workshop WP-1 Has Changed Dates and Start Times,
Workshop WP1, The Response of Northeast and Northwest Atlantic Shelf Ecosystems to Climate Variability and Change, will take place Friday June 9 from 16.00 to 21.00 (late afternoon and dinner) and Saturday June 10 from 9.00 to 12.00. The Workshop will be located at the University of Copenhagen.

11/10/99: On-line Abstract Submission Is Now Available
The abstract submission form is now on-line. Please review the submission guidelines before submitting your abstract using this system.

10/23/99: New Special Session Announced
A new special session, SS46 - The Response of North Atlantic Shelf Ecosystems to Climate Variability and Change, chaired by Charles Greene and B. Plank has been added to the scientific program.

The Theme of the Meeting

The theme of the meeting is Research Across Boundaries. In plenary talks, special and contributed sessions, workshops and field trips, the meeting program demonstrates that aquatic sciences cross many different types of boundaries and not only those we traditionally identify; like sediment-water and water-air interfaces. The Program and your participation vouch for an exciting meeting. A newcomer is the tutorial lectures, which will introduce all Special Sessions. These should guaranty overview and good discussions of the most "hot" issues within our science. Contributed Sessions are as always covering the width of aquatic science and should provide an opportunity for all to contribute. An overwhelming space is available for posters. ASLO meetings over the last couple of years have shown the poster sessions not only to be most enjoyable, but to provide the most lively crowd of interested people. Use the opportunity to present a Poster.

ASLO, the Local Organizing Committee, and the Program Committee invite you to Copenhagen to make this meeting a success

Conference Venue and Site

Copenhagen is easily approached from most countries and should be a pleasant place to visit in early June. Although the meeting will take much of your time, do not miss the many historic buildings, museums, Tivoli and other places of interest. We believe Copenhagen is a relaxed town inhabited with friendly people, but also showing the busy city life -both day and night. It is very easy to get around with the efficient public transport system, which includes buses and trains. Copenhagen and suburbs has a population of about 1 million so by most standards it is not a big town.

The meeting, exhibitions and most workshops will take place at The Bella Center, just outside Copenhagen. It is one of Northern Europe's most modern conference centers, a flexible multi-purpose venue only a 15 min. drive from the city center. All oral and poster sessions and the exhibitions are under one roof and just a few minutes walk apart. The Bella Center has plenty of parking space, a restaurant and a few shops.