Dave Karl was born a half-century ago in Buffalo, New York. Growing up on the edge of then-polluted Lake Erie steered him towards an interest and possible career in aquatic ecology or wildlife management. After completing an undergraduate degree in biology, he moved to Florida State University where he was first introduced to the emergent field of marine microbial ecology. He attended the Woods Hole summer course in Microbial Ecology (H. W. Jannasch et al.) in 1974 and the Scandinavian Summer School for Microbial Ecology (T. Fenchel et al.) in 1975.

After receiving his M.S. degree in Oceanography, Karl enrolled at Scripps Institution of Oceanography where he received his Ph.D. degree in Biological Oceanography in 1978. He continued his westward migration to Hawaii where he has been a member of the University of Hawaii, Oceanography Department faculty since 1978. He has participated in more than fifty marine expeditions, including twenty-three to Antarctica, and has made over twenty dives in deep submergence vehicles.

Karl currently heads the biogeochemistry section of the Hawaii Ocean Time-series program and is a co-P.I. of the Palmer Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) project. When he is not at sea, in the air or on the phone, Karl enjoys motorcycling, bicycling, ocean kayaking and swimming, hiking, photography and international travel.

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