MSR System: Instructions for Reviewers

Step 1: Log In

First, open the Manuscript Central Submission and Review web page in your web browser:

The login page gives you five options:

  1. Log in with your known User ID and Password
  2. Check to see if you have an existing account
  3. Create a new account
  4. View instructions for new users
  5. Download the latest versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer, or Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you have an existing account, you may proceed to log in. If you have not used the system before, an account will have been created for you. You should have received an email with a login identifier (usually your email address) and a password. If you wish, you can change this password after logging in. Your new account can be used to submit or review manuscripts at any time in future.

Step 2: Enter the Reviewer Center

After logging in, most users will see two options leading to the Author Submission Center and to the Reviewer Center. Choose Reviewer Center to view manuscripts that you have agreed to review.

Step 3: View the Manuscript

You will see two lists:

  1. Manuscripts Pending Review
  2. Submitted Reviews

To begin reviewing a manuscript, click on the "Review" button for that manuscript. An instructional page will be displayed with two buttons at the top, labeled "View Manuscript Info" and "Score Manuscript".

Click on the View Manuscript Info button. A page with information regarding the manuscript will be displayed. To view the manuscript, click on the title. A second window will open, displaying a list of files associated with the manuscript. These will always include the main document, and may also include separate files for the figures or tables. Click on the name of each file to view it in your web browser. If you wish, you can right-click the file name to save it to your local drive.

Step 4: Enter Review

When you have finished reading the manuscript, you may submit it by clicking on the "Score Manuscript" button, located on both the Manuscripts Pending Review listing, and on the Manuscript Info page. A scoresheet and two comment boxes will be displayed. The scoresheet will apply to most, but not all manuscripts. Please enter a score for each applicable category. In the comment boxes below, you may enter comments directed to the Associate Editor, and comments directed to the author(s).

Advice on writing a good, helpful review can be found by clicking the "Advice for Reviewers" link at right.