Manuscript Submission and Review System

Limnology and Oceanography: Methods employs an online Manuscript Submission and Review system called Manuscript Central by ScholarOne. Manuscript Central is used to submit original and revised manuscripts, and to review manuscripts. Please click on the links at right to obtain further information on using the MSR system as either an author or as a reviewer. The following general comments will help you to get started.

Creating an account

In order to use the MSR system, you will need an account. Courtesy accounts have been created for ASLO members and most individuals who have recently interacted with Limnology and Oceanography. The MSR login screen offers users a "Check for Existing Account" option, which allows those with existing accounts to have a password sent to their email address. You may then log into the system using your email address and password as identification. Once logged in, you should check to make sure that your background information is correct and up to date.

Many first-time users will encounter the MSR system as submitting authors, and will need to create their own account before starting the submission process. Others will first encounter the system when asked to review a submitted manuscript. If you are invited to review a manuscript and do not already have an account, one will be created for you by the Editorial Office, and you will receive login information by email. If you wish, you can change your password at any time. Your account does not expire, and can be used at any time in future to submit or review other manuscripts.

The MSR login screen offers first-time users a "Create a New Account" option. You will need to enter background information, choose a login identification and select a password. Please note that the identification/password combination you set up for the MSR system is independent of the information you may have provided to set up online access to the ASLO journals. Access to ASLO journals is based on your member identification number ("P-number") and a self-selected password. You can enter the same information into the MSR system if you wish. However, the MSR system defaults to using your email address as your login identification.

Using the system

Most users of the MSR system can be either Authors or Reviewers. Once logged in, you will see a Main Menu screen leading to the author "Submission Center" and to the "Reviewer Center". As an Author, you can use the Submission Center to submit original or revised manuscripts, and to check on the status of a submitted manuscripts at any time. As a Reviewer, you can use the Reviewer Center to download any manuscripts you have agreed to review. Manuscripts can be viewed in the web browser, or can be downloaded to your local computer for reading or printing. Manuscript reviews are returned through the MSR system.

Getting help

More detailed instructions are available by clicking on the links at right. If you are having problems using the system, additional help is available within the Manuscript Central website by clicking on the "Get Help Now" link, located at the top right corner of every page. The help link leads to several options for obtaining assistance. The answers to most common questions will be found under the "Find Answers" link, and you can also send email to the Manuscript Central staff. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact the Editorial Office at