Administrative Structure

The administrative structure of Limnology and Oceanography: Methods consists of an Editor-in-Chief, a Managing Editor, an Editorial Board, and Associate Editors. The duties, responsibilities and interactions of each are detailed below.


  • Responsible for overall content and for guidance as the journal develops.
  • Screens submitted manuscripts and rejects unsuitable manuscripts without review.
  • Assigns manuscripts to the Associate Editors for review.
  • Acts as arbitrator between Associate Editor and author in the event of a dispute or impasse.
  • Contacts authors with decisions.
  • Shares routine journal operations with Managing Editor.
  • Interacts with the ASLO Board.

Managing Editor

  • Reviews operational procedures periodically to achieve the most rapid throughput consistent with high standards.
  • Tracks all manuscripts and ensures that Associate Editors, reviewers and authors remain on schedule.
  • Evaluates summary statistics (e.g. time from submission to publication) as a measure of operational success.
  • Provides "help desk" service to Associate Editors, reviewers and authors using the Manuscript Submission and Review System.
  • Provides assistance to authors having difficulty with graphic quality and automated PDF file generation or reading.
  • Interacts with copy-editing and formatting service.
  • Checks final manuscripts prior to posting.
  • Maintains journal website, including posting manuscripts, checking links, administering access controls, and interacting with subscribers.
  • Monitors download statistics to spot possible copyright abuses.

Associate Editors

  • Appointed to two-year terms.
  • Advises the Editor-in-Chief regarding the suitability of manuscripts.
  • Accepts assignment of 1-2 manuscripts per month.
  • May reject unsuitable manuscripts without review.
  • Selects reviewers and requests reviews.
  • Recommends accept/revise/reject decisions to the Editor-in-Chief after formal review of assigned manuscripts.
  • Suggests changes in wording or style for manuscripts to be revised.
  • Recommends acceptance or rejection of incremental updates to articles, and procedural comments on articles published in Limnology and Oceanography: Methods.

More Information

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