Free Access Publication

Limnology and Oceanography: Methods is pleased to offer Free Access Publication to all authors. Your article will be posted permanently in the public-access area of the L&O: Methods website, rather than in the subscribers-only section.

What does Free Access Publication do?

Free Access Publication increases visibility.
L&O and L&O: Methods articles placed into Free Access Publication are downloaded nearly 4X more often than articles placed in the subscriber-only areas of the ASLO website.
Free Access Publication increases the staying power of articles.
After two years, Free Access articles have been downloaded an average of >1200 times, while articles in subscriber-only access have been downloaded fewer than 300 times. An article placed into Free Access Publication, on average, will be downloaded more than 1800 times in three years.
Free Access articles are much more widely download and read.
If you want your work to be a best seller, make it freely available!
Free Access Publication is convenient.
Many authors find it very convenient to send electronic reprints via email, and it is even easier if you purchase Free Access Publication; with Free Access, you only need to send the web address (URL) of your paper.

The Free Access Publication service costs US$350. There are no limits on the number of copies of the PDF file that may be distributed or downloaded. Authors will be given the opportunity to subscribe to this service when their papers are accepted. The cost for the service is added to the invoice sent from the ASLO Business Office detailing the publication charges for the article. Note: a US$25 service charge will be added if Free Access is purchased after the article has been posted on the L&O: Methods website.

More Information

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