Table of Contents, Volume 12, 2014


Kathleen M. Munson, Diana Babi, Carl H. Lamborg
Determination of monomethylmercury from seawater with ascorbic acid-assisted direct ethylation
2014, 12:1-9
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J. Randall Etheridge, François Birgand, Jason A. Osborne, Christopher L. Osburn, Michael R. Burchell II, Justin Irving
Using in situ ultraviolet-visual spectroscopy to measure nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, and suspended solids concentrations at a high frequency in a brackish tidal marsh
2014, 12:10-22
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Carl J Watras, Ken A. Morrison, Jeff Mather, Paul Milewski, Paul C. Hanson
Correcting CDOM fluorescence measurements for temperature effects under field conditions in freshwaters
2014, 12:23-24
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Philip Steeb, Peter Linke, Tina Treude
A sediment flow-through system to study the impact of shifting fluid and methane flow regimes on the efficiency of the benthic methane filter
2014, 12:25-45
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Mikel Latasa
A simple method to increase sensitivity for RP-HPLC phytoplankton pigment analysis
2014, 12:46-53
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Alexandra Freibott, Lorena Linacre, Michael R. Landry
A slide preparation technique for light microscopy analysis of ciliates preserved in acid Lugol’s fixative
2014, 12:54-62
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Dariia Atamanchuk, Anders Tengberg, Peter J. Thomas, Jostein Hovdenes, Athanas Apostolidis, Christian Huber, Per O.J. Hall
Performance of a lifetime-based optode for measuring partial pressure of carbon dioxide in natural waters
2014, 12:63-73
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Madhubala Talaulikar, T Suresh, Elgar Desa, A. Inamdar
An empirical algorithm to estimate spectral average cosine of underwater light field from remote sensing data in coastal oceanic waters
2014, 12:74-85
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Sennai Habtes, Frank E. Muller-Karger, Mitchell A. Roffer, John T. Lamkin, Barbara A. Muhling
A comparison of sampling methods for larvae of medium and large epipelagic fish species during spring SEAMAP ichthyoplankton surveys in the Gulf of Mexico
2014, 12:86-101
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Minna Rahkola-Sorsa, Ari Voutilainen, Markku Viljanen
Intercalibration of an acoustic technique, two optical ones, and a simple seston dry mass method for freshwater zooplankton sampling
2014, 12:102-113
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Thomas B. Parr, Tsutomu Ohno, Christopher S. Cronan, Kevin S. Simon
comPARAFAC: a library and tools for rapid and quantitative comparison of dissolved organic matter components resolved by Parallel Factor Analysis
2014, 12:114-125
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Angelos K. Hannides, Brian T. Glazer, Francis J. Sansone
Extraction and quantification of microphytobenthic Chl a within calcareous reef sands
2014, 12:126-138
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Craig L. McNeil, Eric A. D’Asaro
A calibration equation for oxygen optodes based on physical properties of the sensing foil
2014, 12:139-154
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Jonathan P. Fram, Geno R. Pawlak, Francis J. Sansone, Brian T. Glazer, Angelos K. Hannides
Miniature thermistor chain for determining surficial sediment porewater advection
2014, 12:155-165
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Victoria C. F. Rennie, Alexandra V. Turchyn
Controls on the abiotic exchange between aqueous sulfate and water under laboratory conditions
2014, 12:166-173
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Pan Gao, Xiaomei Xu, Liping Zhou, Mary A. Pack, Sheila Griffin, Guaciara M. Santos, John R. Southon, Kexin Liu
Rapid sample preparation of dissolved inorganic carbon in natural waters using a headspace-extraction approach for radiocarbon analysis by accelerator mass spectrometry
2014, 12:174-190
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Emily E. Bockmon, Andrew G. Dickson
A seawater filtration method suitable for total dissolved inorganic carbon and pH analyses
2014, 12:191-195
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Hans Røy, Hannah S. Weber, Irene H. Tarpgaard, Timothy G. Ferdelman, Bo B. Jørgensen
Determination of dissimilatory sulfate reduction rates in marine sediment via radioactive 35S tracer
2014, 12:196-211
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Alejandro Olariaga, Elisa F. Guallart, Verónica Fuentes, Angel López-Sanz, Antonio Canepa, Juancho Movilla, Mar Bosch, Eva Calvo, Carles Pelejero
Polyp flats, a new system for experimenting with jellyfish polyps, with insights into the effects of ocean acidification
2014, 12:212-222
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Lauren E. Koenig, Adam J. Baumann, William H. McDowell
Improving automated phosphorus measurements in freshwater: an analytical approach to eliminating silica interference
2014, 12:223-231
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Cameron Doll, Christopher R. Main, Colleen Bianco, Kathryn J. Coyne, Dianne I. Greenfield
Comparison of sandwich hybridization assay and quantitative PCR for the quantification of live and preserved cultures of Heterosigma akashiwo (Raphidophyceae)
2014, 12:232-245
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Jessica N. Fitzsimmons, Edward A. Boyle
Assessment and comparison of Anopore and cross flow filtration methods for the determination of dissolved iron size fractionation into soluble and colloidal phases in seawater
2014, 12:246-263
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Zong-Pei Jiang, David J. Hydes, Sue E. Hartman, Mark C. Hartman, Jon M. Campbell, Bruce D. Johnson, Bryan Schofield, Daniela Turk, Douglas Wallace, William J. Burt, Helmuth Thomas, Cathy Cosca, Richard Feely
Application and assessment of a membrane-based pCO2 sensor under field and laboratory conditions
2014, 12:264-280
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Pascal Matte, Yves Secretan, Jean Morin
Quantifying lateral and intratidal variability in water level and velocity in a tide-dominated river using combined RTK GPS and ADCP measurements
2014, 12:281-302
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Kevin C. Rose, Luke A. Winslow, Jordan S. Read, Emily K. Read, Christopher T. Solomon, Rita Adrian, Paul C. Hanson
Improving the precision of lake ecosystem metabolism estimates by identifying predictors of model uncertainty
2014, 12:303-312
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Paul L. Jokiel, Keisha D. Bahr, Ku‘ulei S. Rodgers
Low-cost, high-flow mesocosm system for simulating ocean acidification with CO2 gas
2014, 12:313-322
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Chawalit N. Charoenpong, Laura A. Bristow, Mark A. Altabet
A continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometry method for high precision determination of dissolved gas ratios and isotopic composition
2014, 12:323-337
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Mickael Ruivo, Paulo Cartaxana, Maria Inês Cardoso, Ana Tenreiro, Rogério Tenreiro, Bruno Jesus
Extraction and quantification of pigments in aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria
2014, 12:338-350
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Rik Wanninkhof
Relationship between wind speed and gas exchange over the ocean revisited
2014, 12:351-362
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Jay J. Lunden, Jeffrey M. Turner, Conall G. McNicholl, Chloe K. Glynn, Erik E. Cordes
Design, development, and implementation of recirculating aquaria for maintenance and experimentation of deep-sea corals and associated fauna
2014, 12:363-372
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Damien Guihen, Sophie Fielding, Eugene J. Murphy, Karen J. Heywood, Gwyn Griffiths
An assessment of the use of ocean gliders to undertake acoustic measurements of zooplankton: the distribution and density of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) in the Weddell Sea
2014, 12:373-389
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Daniel Buscombe, David M. Rubin, Jessica R. Lacy, Curt D. Storlazzi, Gerald Hatcher, Henry Chezar, Robert Wyland, Christopher R. Sherwood
Autonomous bed-sediment imaging-systems for revealing temporal variability of grain size
2014, 12:390-406
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Ami Riscassi, Carrie L. Miller, Scott C. Brooks
Impact of collection container material and holding times on sample integrity for mercury and methylmercury in water
2014, 12:407-420
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Karine Escoubeyrou, Luc Tremblay
Quantification of free, dissolved combined, particulate, and total amino acid enantiomers using simple sample preparation and more robust chromatographic procedures
2014, 12:421-431
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Robert Fischer, Tom Andersen, Helmut Hillebrand, Robert Ptacnik
The exponentially fed batch culture as a reliable alternative to conventional chemostats
2014, 12:432-440
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Betsy L. Bodamer, Thomas B. Bridgeman
Experimental dead zones: two designs for creating oxygen gradients in aquatic ecological studies
2014, 12:441-454
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Clemens Glombitza, Jeanette Pedersen, Hans Røy, Bo Barker Jørgensen
Direct analysis of volatile fatty acids in marine sediment porewater by two-dimensional ion chromatography-mass spectrometry
2014, 12:455-468
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Go-Ichiro Uramoto, Yuki Morono, Katsuyuki Uematsu, Fumio Inagaki
An improved sample preparation method for imaging microstructures of fine-grained marine sediment using microfocus X-ray computed tomography and scanning electron microscopy
2014, 12:469-483
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Chee-Loon Ng, Wei-Kiat Teo, Hui-Ting Cai, Harold F. Hemond
Characterization and field test of an in situ multi-platform optical sensor
2014, 12:484-497
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Song S. Qian, Thomas F. Cuffney
A hierarchical zero-inflated model for species compositional data—from individual taxon responses to community response
2014, 12:498-506
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Maikel Rosabal, Landis Hare, Peter G.C. Campbell
Assessment of a subcellular metal partitioning protocol for aquatic invertebrates: preservation, homogenization, and subcellular fractionation
2014, 12:507-518
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Marc Neveu, Amisha T. Poret-Peterson,Zarraz M.P. Lee, Ariel D. Anbar, James J. Elser
Prokaryotic cells separated from sediments are suitable for elemental composition analysis
2014, 12:519-529
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Daniel C. Ohnemus, Maureen E. Auro, Robert M. Sherrell, Maria Lagerström, Peter L. Morton, Benjamin S. Twining, Sara Rauschenberg, Phoebe J. Lam
Laboratory intercomparison of marine particulate digestions including Piranha: a novel chemical method for dissolution of polyethersulfone filters
2014, 12:530-547
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Jacob D. Goodwin, Elizabeth W. North, Christine M. Thompson
Evaluating and improving a semi-automated image analysis technique for identifying bivalve larvae
2014, 12:548-562
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Jordon S. Beckler, Donald B. Nuzzio, Martial Taillefert
Development of single-step liquid chromatography methods with ultraviolet detection for the measurement of inorganic anions in marine waters
2014, 12:563-576
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Evgeny V. Dafner, Alina M. Szmant
A modified segmented continuous flow analysis method for simultaneous determination of total dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus in marine environments
2014, 12:577-592
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Jacob P. Gillette, Kimberly L. Schulz, Mark A. Teece
Light Apparatus for Mesocosm Photo-manipulation (LAMP): An inexpensive waterproof lighting device for within-lake mesocosm experiments
2014, 12:592-603
Abstract | PDF

Carolina Cisternas-Novoa, Cindy Lee, Anja Engel
A semi-quantitative spectrophotometric, dye-binding assay for determination of Coomassie Blue stainable particles
2014, 12:604-616
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Henry C. Bittig, Björn Fiedler, Roland Scholz, Gerd Krahmann, Arne Körtzinger
Time response of oxygen optodes on profiling platforms and its dependence on flow speed and temperature
2014, 12:617-636
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Cédric Magen, Laura L. Lapham, John W. Pohlman, Kathleen Marshall, Samantha Bosman, Michael Casso, Jeffrey P. Chanton
A simple headspace equilibration method for measuring dissolved methane
2014, 12:637-650
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Rodrigo A. Garcia, Lachlan I.W. McKinna, John D. Hedley, Peter R.C.S. Fearns
Improving the optimization solution for a semi-analytical shallow water inversion model in the presence of spectrally correlated noise
2014, 12:651-669
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Aliaksandr Pautsina, Iryna Kuklina, Dalibor Štys, Petr Císar, Pavel Kozák
Noninvasive crayfish cardiac activity monitoring system
2014, 12:670-679
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Prasanna Kannappan, Justin H. Walker, Art Trembanis, Herbert G. Tanner
Identifying sea scallops from benthic camera images
2014, 12:680-693
Abstract | PDF

Kathy M. Loftis, Christof Meile
Isotopes and elemental ratios in multi-parameter mixing models
2014, 12:694-702
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Kevin T. Du Clos
Visualizing subsurface burrowing by the polychaete Alitta virens with particle image velocimetry
2014, 12:703-712
Abstract | PDF

Michael M. Swenson, Alan R. Oyler, Elizabeth C. Minor
Rapid solid phase extraction of dissolved organic matter
2014, 12:713-728
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Flora Toussaint, Christophe Rabouille, Cécile Cathalot, Bruno Bombled, Abdel Abchiche, Oualid Aouji, Gilles Buchholtz, Aurélien Clemençon, Nicolas Geyskens, Michel Répécaud, Ivane Pairaud, Romaric Verney, Nadine Tisnérat-Laborde
A new device to follow temporal variations of oxygen demand in deltaic sediments: the LSCE benthic station
2014, 12:729-741
Abstract | PDF

David E. Cade, Kelly J. Benoit-Bird
An automatic and quantitative approach to the detection and tracking of acoustic scattering layers
2014, 12:742-756
Abstract | PDF

Eva-Maria Zetsche, Ahmed El Mallahi, Frank Dubois, Catherine Yourassowsky, Jacco C. Kromkamp, Filip J.R. Meysman
Imaging-in-Flow: Digital holographic microscopy as a novel tool to detect and classify nanoplanktonic organisms
2014, 12:757-775
Abstract | PDF

Nikolaj From, Katherine Richardson, Erik Askov Mousing, Poul Erik Jensen
Removing the light history signal from normalized variable fluorescence (Fv/Fm) measurements on marine phytoplankton
2014, 12:776-783
Abstract | PDF

Hilton B. Swan, Paul Armishaw, Raluca Iavetz, Mahiuddin Alamgir, Stephen R. Davies, Thomas G. Bell, Graham B. Jones
An interlaboratory comparison for the quantification of aqueous dimethylsulfide
2014, 12:784-794
Abstract | PDF

Kirsty J. Morris, Brian J. Bett, Jennifer M. Durden, Veerle A. I. Huvenne, Rosanna Milligan, Daniel O. B. Jones, Stephen McPhail, Katleen Robert, David M. Bailey, Henry A. Ruhl
A new method for ecological surveying of the abyss using autonomous underwater vehicle photography
2014, 12:795-809
Abstract | PDF

Rotem Golan, Ittai Gavrieli, Boaz Lazar, Jiwchar Ganor
The determination of pH in hypersaline lakes with a conventional combination glass electrode
2014, 12:810-815
Abstract | PDF


Karine Lalonde, Paul Middlestead, Yves Gélinas
Automation of 13C/12C ratio measurement for freshwater and seawater DOC using high temperature combustion
2014, 12:816-829
Abstract | PDF

Mike D. DeGrandpre, Reggie S. Spaulding, Jenny O. Newton, Emma J. Jaqueth, Sarah E. Hamblock, Andre A. Umansky, Katherine E. Harris
Considerations for the measurement of spectrophotometric pH for ocean acidification and other studies
2014, 12:830-839
Abstract | PDF

Taylor A. B. Broek, Matthew D. McCarthy
A new approach to δ15N compound-specific amino acid trophic position measurements: preparative high pressure liquid chromatography technique for purifying underivatized amino acids for stable isotope analysis
2014, 12:840-852
Abstract | PDF

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