Table of Contents, Volume 11, 2013


Johan Wikner, Satya Panigrahi, Anna Nydahl, Erik Lundberg, Ulf Båmstedt, Anders Tengberg
Precise continuous measurements of pelagic respiration in coastal waters with Oxygen Optodes
2013, 11:1-15
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B. R. Carter, J. A. Radich, H. L. Doyle, A. G. Dickson
An automated system for spectrophotometric seawater pH measurements
2013, 11:16-27
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Alexander B. Bochdansky, Manfred H. Jericho, Gerhard J. Herndl
Development and deployment of a point-source digital inline holographic microscope for the study of plankton and particles to a depth of 6000 m
2013, 11:28-40
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Johannes Pätsch, Ina Lorkowski
Comparison of two techniques to separate physical- and biological-mediated pCO2 in seawater
2013, 11:41-52
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Linn J. Hoffmann, Eike Breitbarth, Christina M. McGraw, Cliff S. Law, Kim I. Currie, Keith A. Hunter
A trace-metal clean, pH-controlled incubator system for ocean acidification incubation studies
2013, 11:53-61
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Intercalibration Special Issue Article
Peter L. Morton, William M. Landing, Shih-Chieh Hsu, Angela Milne, Ana M. Aguilar-Islas, Alex R. Baker, Andrew R. Bowie, Clifton S. Buck, Yuan Gao, Susan Gichuki, Meredith G. Hastings, Mariko Hatta, Anne M. Johansen, Rémi Losno, Chris Mead, Matthew D. Patey, Gretchen Swarr, Amanda Vandermark, Lauren M. Zamora
Methods for the sampling and analysis of marine aerosols: results from the 2008 GEOTRACES aerosol intercalibration experiment
2013, 11:62-78
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T.H.M. van Emmerik, A. Rimmer, Y. Lechinsky, K.J.R. Wenker, S. Nussboim, N.C. van de Giesen
Measuring heat balance residual at lake surface using Distributed Temperature Sensing
2013, 11:79-90
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Nicholas P. Burnett, Rui Seabra, Maurizio de Pirro, David S. Wethey, Sarah A. Woodin, Brian Helmuth, Mackenzie L. Zippay, Gianluca Sarà, Cristián Monaco, Fernando P. Lima
An improved noninvasive method for measuring heartbeat of intertidal animals
2013, 11:91-100
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Laura V. Morales, Daniel M. Sigman, Matthew G. Horn, Rebecca S. Robinson
Cleaning methods for the isotopic determination of diatom-bound nitrogen in non-fossil diatom frustules
2013, 11:101-112
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Mark J. Verschoor, Lewis A. Molot
A comparison of three colorimetric methods of ferrous and total reactive iron measurement in freshwaters
2013, 11:113-125
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Intercalibration Special Issue Article
Mark Baskaran, Thomas Church, Gi Hong, Anupam Kumar, Ma Qiang, Hiu Choi, Sylvain Rigaud, Kanchan Maiti
Effects of flow rates and composition of the filter, and decay/ingrowth correction factors involved with the determination of in situ particulate 210Po and 210Pb in seawater
2013, 11:126-138
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C. Noss, A. Lorke, E. Niehaus
Three-dimensional tracking of multiple aquatic organisms with a two camera system
2013, 11:139-150
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Devon Olivola Eulie, J.P. Walsh, D. Reide Corbett
High-resolution analysis of shoreline change and application of balloon-based aerial photography, Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine System, North Carolina, USA
2013, 11:151-160
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Susan Q. Lang, Gretchen L. Früh-Green, Stefano M. Bernasconi, Lukas Wacker
Isotopic (δ13C, Δ14C) analysis of organic acids in marine samples using wet chemical oxidation
2013, 11:161-175
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Maren Striebel, Leo Kirchmaier, Peter Hingsamer
Different mixing techniques in experimental mesocosms-does mixing affect plankton biomass and community composition?
2013, 11:176-186
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Christian Schlosser, Peter Streu, Peter L. Croot
Vivaspin ultrafiltration: A new approach for high resolution measurements of colloidal and soluble iron species
2013, 11:187-201
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Anders Nielsen, Lone Liboriussen, Dennis Trolle, Frank Landkildehus, Martin Søndergaard, Torben L. Lauridsen, Morten Søndergaard, Søren E. Larsen, Erik Jeppesen
Daily net ecosystem production in lakes predicted from midday dissolved oxygen saturation: analysis of a five-year high frequency dataset from 24 mesocosms with contrasting trophic states and temperatures
2013, 11:202-212
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Ryan P. North, David M. Livingstone
Comparison of linear and cubic spline methods of interpolating lake water column profiles
2013, 11:213-224
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Ian C. Tse, Evan A. Variano
Lagrangian measurement of fluid and particle motion using a field-deployable Volumetric Particle Imager (VoPI)
2013, 11:225-238
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Takeshi Yoshimura
Appropriate bottles for storing seawater samples for dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP) analysis: A step toward the development of DOP reference materials
2013, 11:239-246
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David C. Richardson, J. Denis Newbold, Anthony K. Aufdenkampe, Philip G. Taylor, Louis A. Kaplan
Measuring heterotrophic respiration rates of suspended particulate organic carbon from stream ecosystems
2013, 11:247-261
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Jacque L. Kelly, Craig R. Glenn, Paul G. Lucey
High-resolution aerial infrared mapping of groundwater discharge to the coastal ocean
2013, 11:262-277
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Giuseppe Bianco, Mikael Tobias Ekvall, Johan Bäckman, Lars-Anders Hansson
Plankton 3D tracking: the importance of camera calibration in stereo computer vision systems
2013, 11:278-286
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Emily J. Hauser, Rebecca M. Dickhut, Renee Falconer, Andrew S. Wozniak
Improved method for quantifying the air-sea flux of volatile and semi-volatile organic carbon
2013, 11:287-297
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Ana Lucia Santoro, David Bastviken, Lars Tranvik, Alex Enrich-Prast
Simultaneous measurements of dark carbon fixation and bacterial production in lake sediment
2013, 11:298-303
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Michael F. Vardaro, Philip M. Bagley, David M. Bailey, Brian J. Bett, Daniel O. B. Jones, Rosanna J. Milligan, Imants G. Priede, Craig M. Risien, Gilbert T. Rowe, Henry A. Ruhl, Bomba B. Sangolay, Kenneth L. Smith Jr., Anne Walls, Jim Clarke
A Southeast Atlantic deep-ocean observatory: first experiences and results
2013, 11:304-315
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William O. Hobbs, Daniel R. Engstrom, Shawn P. Scottler, Kyle D. Zimmer, James B. Cotner
Estimating modern carbon burial rates in lakes using a single sediment sample
2013, 11:316-326
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Aurélie Devez, Daniel Delmas
Selective liquid chromatographic determination of trace domoic acid in seawater and phytoplankton: improvement using the ophthaldialdehyde/9-fluorenylmethylchloroformate derivatization
2013, 11:327-336
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Thomas H. Holmes, Shaun K. Wilson, Michael J. Travers, Timothy J. Langlois, Richard D. Evans, Glenn I. Moore, Ryan A. Douglas, George Shedrawi, Euan S. Harvey, Kate Hickey
A comparison of visual- and stereo-video based fish community assessment methods in tropical and temperate marine waters of Western Australia
2013, 11:337-350
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Jennie E. Rheuban, Peter Berg
The effects of spatial and temporal variability at the sediment surface on aquatic eddy correlation flux measurements
2013, 11:351-359
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Rachel H. R. Stanley, Evan M. Howard
Quantifying photosynthetic rates of microphytobenthos using the triple isotope composition of dissolved oxygen
2013, 11:360-373
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Yulia Pinchasov-Grinblat, David Mauzerall, Stefano Goffredo, Giuseppe Falini, Zvy Dubinsky
Photoacoustics: a novel application to the determination of photosynthetic efficiency in zooxanthellate hermatypes
2013, 11:374-381
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Hyewon Kim, Susanne Menden-Deuer
Reliability of rapid, semi-automated assessment of plankton abundance, biomass, and growth rate estimates: Coulter Counter versus light microscope measurements
2013, 11:382-393
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Behzad Mostajir, Emilie Le Floc’h, Sébastien Mas, Romain Pete, David Parin, Jean Nouguier, Eric Fouilland, Francesca Vidussi
A new transportable floating mesocosm platform with autonomous sensors for real-time data acquisition and transmission for studying the pelagic food web functioning
2013, 11:394-409
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Cristina Canhoto, João L.M.P. de Lima, Anibal T. de Almeida
Warming up a stream reach: design of a hydraulic and heating system
2013, 11:410-417
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Intercalibration Special Issue Article
Gregory A. Cutter
Intercalibration in chemical oceanography-Getting the right number
2013, 11:418-424
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


A. Lorke, D.F. McGinnis, A. Maeck
Eddy-correlation measurements of benthic fluxes under complex flow conditions: Effects of coordinate transformations and averaging time scales
2013, 11:425-437
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Julia C. Mullarney, Stephen M. Henderson
A novel drifter designed for use with a mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler in shallow environments
2013, 11:438-449
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Mona Wells, Kristen N. Buck, Sylvia G. Sander
New approach to analysis of voltammetric ligand titration data improves understanding of metal speciation in natural waters
2013, 11:450-465
Abstract | PDF | Appendix

Melissa Meléndez, Ekaterina P. Nesterenko, Pavel N. Nesterenko, Jorge E. Corredor
Direct chromatographic separation and quantification of calcium and magnesium in seawater and sediment porewaters
2013, 11:466-474
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Lindsay P. Scheef, Stephanie E. Hampton, Lyubov R. Izmest'eva
Inferring plankton community structure from marine and freshwater long-term data using multivariate autoregressive models
2013, 11:475-484
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Eric Wilcox-Freeburg, Andrew Rhyne, William E. Robinson, Michael Tlusty, Bradford Bourque, Robyn E. Hannigan
A comparison of two pH-stat carbon dioxide dosing systems for ocean acidification experiments
2013, 11:485-494
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Ö. Gustafsson, J. Gelting, P. Andersson, U. Larsson, P. Roos
An assessment of upper ocean carbon and nitrogen export fluxes on the boreal continental shelf: A 3-year study in the open Baltic Sea comparing sediment traps, 234Th proxy, nutrient, and oxygen budgets
2013, 11:495-510
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Arjun Chennu, Paul Färber, Nils Volkenborn, Mohammad A. A. Al-Najjar, Felix Janssen, Dirk de Beer, Lubos Polerecky
Hyperspectral imaging of the microscale distribution and dynamics of microphytobenthos in intertidal sediments
2013, 11:511-528
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Nina Stark, Nicolas Le Dantec, Juan Pablo Corella, David Andrew Barry, Ulrich Lemmin, Stéphanie Girardclos, Achim Kopf
Deployment of a dynamic penetrometer from manned submersibles for fine-scale geomorphology studies
2013, 11:529-539
Abstract | PDF

Lisa K. Eckford-Soper, Keith Davidson, Eileen Bresnan
Identification and quantification of toxic and nontoxic strains of the harmful dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense using fluorescence in situ hybridization and flow cytometry
2013, 11:540-548
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Yuko Omori, Hiroshi Tanimoto, Satoshi Inomata, Sohiko Kameyama, Shintaro Takao, Koji Suzuki
Evaluation of using unfiltered seawater for underway measurement of dimethyl sulfide in the ocean by online mass spectrometry
2013, 11:549-560
Abstract | PDF

S. Rigaud, V. Puigcorbé, P. Cámara-Mor, N. Casacuberta, M. Roca-Martí, J. Garcia-Orellana, C. R. Benitez-Nelson, P. Masqué, T. Church
A methods assessment and recommendations for improving calculations and reducing uncertainties in the determination of 210Po and 210Pb activities in seawater
2013, 11:561-571
Abstract | PDF | Appendix


Kuan Huang, Nicolas Cassar, Rik Wanninkhof, Michael Bender
An isotope dilution method for high-frequency measurements of dissolved inorganic carbon concentration in the surface ocean
2013, 11:572-583
Abstract | PDF

Peter C. Pollard
In situ rapid measures of total respiration rate capture the super labile DOC bacterial substrates of freshwater
2013, 11:584-593
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Walter Geibert, Valentí Rodellas, Amber Annett, Pieter van Beek, Jordi Garcia-Orellana,Yu-Te Hsieh, Pere Masque
226Ra determination via the rate of 222Rn ingrowth with the Radium Delayed Coincidence Counter (RaDeCC)
2013, 11:594-603
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

C.E.L. Thompson, F. Couceiro, G.R. Fones, C.L. Amos
Shipboard measurements of sediment stability using a small annular flume—Core Mini Flume (CMF)
2013, 11:604-615
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Dolly N. Kothawala, Kathleen R. Murphy, Colin A. Stedmon, Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer, Lars J. Tranvik
Inner filter correction of dissolved organic matter fluorescence
2013, 11:616-630
Abstract | PDF (Open Access) | Appendix

Elizabeth C. Minor, Elizabeth James , Jay A. Austin, Veronica Nelson, Ryan Lusk, Kenneth Mopper
A preliminary examination of an in situ dual dye approach to measuring light fluxes in lotic systems
2013, 11:631-642
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

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