Table of Contents, Volume 8, 2010


George W. Graham and W. Alex M. Nimmo Smith
The application of holography to the analysis of size and settling velocity of suspended cohesive sediments
2010, 8:1-15
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Glenn Campbell and Stuart R. Phinn
An assessment of the accuracy and precision of water quality parameters retrieved with the Matrix Inversion Method
2010, 8:16-29
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Andrew B. Sutherland, Joseph M. Culp, and Glenn A. Benoy
Characterizing deposited sediment for stream habitat assessment
2010, 8:30-44
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Michael F. Billett and Mark H. Garnett
Isotopic composition of carbon dioxide lost by evasion from surface water to the atmosphere: Methodological comparison of a direct and indirect approach
2010, 8:45-53
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Matthew R. McIlvin and Karen L. Casciotti
Fully automated system for stable isotopic analyses of dissolved nitrous oxide at natural abundance levels
2010, 8:54-66
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Rose M. Cory, Matthew P. Miller, Diane M. McKnight, Jennifer J. Guerard, and Penney L. Miller
Effect of instrument-specific response on the analysis of fulvic acid fluorescence spectra
2010, 8:67-78
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


John H. Chick, Alex P. Levchuk, Kim A. Medley, and John H. Havel
Underestimation of rotifer abundance a much greater problem than previously appreciated
2010, 8:79-87
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

D. Lirman, N. Gracias, B. Gintert, A. C. R. Gleason, G. Deangelo, M. Dick, E. Martinez, R. P. Reid
Damage and recovery assessment of vessel grounding injuries on coral reef habitats by use of georeferenced landscape video mosaics
2010, 8:88-97
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Daniel F. Carlson, Philip A. Muscarella, Hezi Gildor, Bruce L. Lipphardt, Jr., and Erick Fredj
How useful are progressive vector diagrams for studying coastal ocean transport?
2010, 8:98-106
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Karl D. Castillo and Fernando P. Lima
Comparison of in situ and satellite-derived (MODIS-Aqua/Terra) methods for assessing temperatures on coral reefs
2010, 8:107-117
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Wim Kimmerer and Alison Gould
A Bayesian approach to estimating copepod development times from stage frequency data
2010, 8:118-126
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Carme Huguet, Willm Martens-Habbena, Hidetoshi Urakawa, David A. Stahl, and Anitra E. Ingalls
Comparison of extraction methods for quantitative analysis of core and intact polar glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (GDGTs) in environmental samples
2010, 8:127-145
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Elizabeth Halliday, John F. Griffith, and Rebecca J. Gast
Use of an exogenous plasmid standard and quantitative PCR to monitor spatial and temporal distribution of Enterococcus spp. in beach sands
2010, 8:146-154
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


J. Schneider von Deimling, J. Greinert, N. R. Chapman, W. Rabbel, and P. Linke
Acoustic imaging of natural gas seepage in the North Sea: Sensing bubbles controlled by variable currents
2010, 8:155-171
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Todd R. Martz, James G. Connery, and Kenneth S. Johnson
Testing the Honeywell Durafet® for seawater pH applications
2010, 8:172-184
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Dan A. Exton, David J. Smith, Terry J. McGenity, Michael Steinke, Alan J. Hills, and David J. Suggett
Application of a Fast Isoprene Sensor (FIS) for measuring isoprene production from marine samples
2010, 8:185-195
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Stuart Findlay, William H. McDowell, David Fischer, Michael L. Pace, Nina Caraco, Sujay S Kaushal, and Kathleen C. Weathers
Total carbon analysis may overestimate organic carbon content of fresh waters in the presence of high dissolved inorganic carbon
2010, 8:196-201
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

H. M. Baulch, J. J. Venkiteswaran, P. J. Dillon, and R. Maranger
Revisiting the application of open-channel estimates of denitrification
2010, 8:202-215
Abstract | PDF (Open Access) | Appendix 1 | Appendix 2 (Open Access)

Kristian Laß, Joscha Kleber, and Gernot Friedrichs
Vibrational sum-frequency generation as a probe for composition, chemical reactivity, and film formation dynamics of the sea surface nanolayer
2010, 8:216-228
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Frank Beuchel, Raul Primicerio, Ole Jørgen Lønne, Bjørn Gulliksen, and Sten-Richard Birkely
Counting and measuring epibenthic organisms from digital photographs: A semiautomated approach
2010, 8:229-240
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

C. J. Veal, G. Holmes, M. Nunez, O. Hoegh-Guldberg, and J. Osborn
A comparative study of methods for surface area and threedimensional shape measurement of coral skeletons
2010, 8:241-253
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Jan P. Fischer and Frank Wenzhöfer
A novel planar optode setup for concurrent oxygen and light field imaging: Application to a benthic phototrophic community
2010, 8:254-268
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Mara R. Diaz, James W. Jacobson, Kelly D. Goodwin, Sherry A. Dunbar, and Jack W. Fell
Molecular detection of harmful algal blooms (HABs) using locked nucleic acids and bead array technology
2010, 8:269-284
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jonathan J. Cole, Darren L. Bade, David Bastviken, Michael L. Pace, and Matthew Van de Bogert
Multiple approaches to estimating air-water gas exchange in small lakes
2010, 8:285-293
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Katharina Reichert, Karl Inne Ugland, Inka Bartsch, Joaquín Hortal, Julie Bremner and Alexandra Kraberg
Species richness estimation: Estimator performance and the influence of rare species
2010, 8:294-303
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jean-Claude Caprais, Nadine Lanteri, Philippe Crassous, Philippe Noel, Laurent Bignon, Patrick Rousseaux, Patricia Pignet, and Alexis Khripounoff
A new CALMAR benthic chamber operating by submersible: First application in the cold-seep environment of Napoli mud volcano (Mediterranean Sea)
2010, 8:304-312
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Paul C. Fiedler
Comparison of objective descriptions of the thermocline
2010, 8:313-325
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Qingzhi Zhu and Robert C. Aller
A rapid response, planar fluorosensor for measuring twodimensional pCO2 distributions and dynamics in marine sediments
2010, 8:326-336
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Joshua A. Mackie and Jonathan Geller
Experimental parameters affecting quantitative PCR of Artemia franciscana: a model for a marine zooplanktonic target in natural plankton samples
2010, 8:337-347
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Erika G. Schielke and David M. Post
Size matters: comparing stable isotope ratios of tissue plugs and whole organisms
2010, 8:348-351
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Rachel U. Shelley, Bernhard Zachhuber, Peter N. Sedwick, Paul J. Worsfold, Maeve C. Lohan
Determination of total dissolved cobalt in UV-irradiated seawater using flow injection with chemiluminescence detection
2010, 8:352-362
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Charuleka Varadharajan, Richard Hermosillo, and Harold F. Hemond
A low-cost automated trap to measure bubbling gas fluxes
2010, 8:363-375
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Jacob Carstensen
Censored data regression: Statistical methods for analyzing Secchi transparency in shallow systems
2010, 8:376-385
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Helle Ploug, Anja Terbrüggen, Anna Kaufmann, Dieter Wolf-Gladrow, and Uta Passow
A novel method to measure particle sinking velocity in vitro, and its comparison to three other in vitro methods
2010, 8:386-393
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

J. P. Ryan, S. B. Johnson, A. Sherman, K. Rajan, F. Py, H. Thomas, J. B. J. Harvey, L. Bird, J. D. Paduan, and R. C. Vrijenhoek
Mobile autonomous process sampling within coastal ocean observing systems
2010, 8:394-402
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Burt Thomas and Michael A. Arthur
Correcting porewater concentration measurements from peepers: Application of a reverse tracer
2010, 8:403-413
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Elena Gorokhova
A single-step staining method to evaluate egg viability in zooplankton
2010, 8:414-423
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Tom J. S. Cox, Karline Soetaert, Jean-Pierre Vanderborght, Jacco C. Kromkamp, and Patrick Meire
Modeling photosynthesis-irradiance curves: Effects of temperature, dissolved silica depletion, and changing community assemblage on community photosynthesis
2010, 8:424-440
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Nann A. Fangue, Michael J. O'Donnell, Mary A. Sewell, Paul G. Matson, Anna C. MacPherson, and Gretchen E. Hofmann
A laboratory-based, experimental system for the study of ocean acidification effects on marine invertebrate larvae
2010, 8:441-452
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Tamara Cibic and Damiano Virgilio
Different fixatives and chloridric acid concentrations in microphytobenthic primary production estimates using radiolabeled carbon: their use and misuse
2010, 8:453-461
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Marc Picheral, Lionel Guidi, Lars Stemmann, David M. Karl, Ghizlaine Iddaoud, and Gabriel Gorsky
The Underwater Vision Profiler 5: An advanced instrument for high spatial resolution studies of particle size spectra and zooplankton
2010, 8:462-473
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Pierre Sagnes
Using multiple scales to estimate the projected frontal surface area of complex three-dimensional shapes such as flexible freshwater macrophytes at different flow conditions
2010, 8:474-483
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Timothy P. Covino, Brian L. McGlynn, and Rebecca A. McNamara
Tracer Additions for Spiraling Curve Characterization (TASCC): Quantifying stream nutrient uptake kinetics from ambient to saturation
2010, 8:484-498
Abstract | PDF (Open Access) | Appendix


Ruth L. Airs and Steven D. Archer
Analysis of glycine betaine and choline in seawater particulates by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization/mass spectrometry
2010, 8:499-506
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Stephen Andrews, Daniel Nover, and S. Geoffrey Schladow
Using laser diffraction data to obtain accurate particle size distributions: the role of particle composition
2010, 8:507-526
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Shai Sabbah, James M. Fraser, Emmanuel S. Boss, Itamar Blum, and Craig W. Hawryshyn
Hyperspectral portable beam transmissometer for the ultraviolet-visible spectrum
2010, 8:527-538
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Gernot Friedrichs, Julia Bock, Friedrich Temps, Peer Fietzek, Arne Körtzinger, and Douglas W. R. Wallace
Toward continuous monitoring of seawater 13CO2/12CO2 isotope ratio and pCO2: Performance of cavity ringdown spectroscopy and gas matrix effects
2010, 8:539-551
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Natalie Kim and Norman D. Yan
Methods for rearing the invasive zooplankter Bythotrephes in the laboratory
2010, 8:552-561
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Pamela Vaughan, Avery Bullock, Fabien Joux, and Wade H. Jeffrey
The effects of solar radiation on the stability of 3H-thymidine and 3H-leucine during bacterioplankton production measurements
2010, 8:562-566
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Bertram Boehrer, Peter Herzsprung, Martin Schultze, and Frank. J. Millero
Calculating density of water in geochemical lake stratification models
2010, 8:567-574
Abstract | PDF (Open Access) | Appendix

Bahareh Doroudian, Fereshteh Bagherimiyab, and Ulrich Lemmin
Improving the accuracy of four-receiver acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV) measurements in turbulent boundary layer flows
2010, 8:575-591
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Katey M. Walter Anthony, Dragos. A. Vas, Laura Brosius, F. Stuart Chapin III, Sergey A. Zimov, and Qianlai Zhuang
Estimating methane emissions from northern lakes using ice-bubble surveys
2010, 8:592-609
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Lee D. Bryant, Daniel F. McGinnis, Claudia Lorrai, Andreas Brand, John C. Little, Alfred Wüest
Evaluating oxygen fluxes using microprofiles from both sides of the sediment-water interface
2010, 8:610-627
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Peter A. Staehr, Darren Bade, Matthew C. Van de Bogert, Gregory R. Koch, Craig Williamson, Paul Hanson, Jonathan J. Cole, and Tim Kratz
Lake metabolism and the diel oxygen technique: State of the science
2010, 8:628-644
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jenny Q. Lane, C. Meiling Roddam, Gregg W. Langlois, and Raphael M. Kudela
Application of Solid Phase Adsorption Toxin Tracking (SPATT) for field detection of the hydrophilic phycotoxins domoic acid and saxitoxin in coastal California
2010, 8:645-660
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


James T. Waples and Kent A. Orlandini
A method for the sequential measurement of yttrium-90 and thorium-234 and their application to the study of rapid particle dynamics in aquatic systems
2010, 8:661-677
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Robert C. Grabowski, Ian G. Droppo, and Geraldene Wharton
Estimation of critical shear stress from cohesive strength meter-derived erosion thresholds
2010, 8:678-685
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Christina M. McGraw, Christopher E. Cornwall, Malcolm R. Reid, Kim I. Currie, Christopher D. Hepburn, Philip Boyd, Catriona L. Hurd, and Keith A. Hunter
An automated pH-controlled culture system for laboratory-based ocean acidification experiments
2010, 8:686-694
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Christopher W. Proctor and Collin S. Roesler
New insights on obtaining phytoplankton concentration and composition from in situ multispectral Chlorophyll fluorescence
2010, 8:695-708
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

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