Table of Contents, Volume 2, 2004


Donald R. Webster, Aisha Brathwaite, Jeannette Yen
A novel laboratory apparatus for simulating isotropic oceanic turbulence at low Reynolds number
2004, 2:1-12
Abstract | PDF | Appendix (Open Access)

Xavier Mari, Hans G Dam
Production, concentration and purification of transparent exopolymeric particles (TEP) using paramagnetic functionalized microspheres
2004, 2:13-24
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Andreas Rings, Andreas Lücke, Gerhard H. Schleser
A new method for the quantitative separation of diatom frustules from lake sediments
2004, 2:25-34
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Johannes A.C. Barth, Andrew Tait, Mike Bolshaw
Automated analyses of 18O/16O ratios in dissolved oxygen from 12 mL water samples
2004, 2:35-41
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Andrew R Bowie, Peter N Sedwick, Paul J Worsfold
Analytical intercomparison between flow injection-chemiluminescence and flow injection-spectrophotometry for the determination of picomolar concentrations of iron in seawater
2004, 2:42-54
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Michael L. Pace, Paul del Giorgio, David Fischer, Robert Condon, Heather Malcom
Estimates of bacterial production using the leucine incorporation method are influenced by differences in protein retention of microcentrifuge tubes
2004, 2:55-61
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Orjan Gustafsson, Per Andersson, Per Roos, Zofia Kukulska, Dag Broman, Ulf Larsson, Susanna Hajdu, Johan Ingri
Evaluation of the collection efficiency of upper ocean sub-photic-layer sediment traps: A 24-month in situ calibration in the open Baltic Sea using 234Th
2004, 2:62-74
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Alexandra M. F. Rao, Richard A. Jahnke
Quantifying pore water exchange across the sediment-water interface in the deep sea with in situ tracer studies
2004, 2:75-90
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Burke Hales, Lex van Geen, Taro Takahashi
High-frequency measurement of seawater chemistry: Flow-injection analysis of macronutrients
2004, 2:91-101
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Hans W. Jannasch, Charles G. Wheat, Josh Plant, Miriam Kastner, Debra Stakes
Continuous chemical monitoring with osmotically pumped water samplers: OsmoSampler design and applications
2004, 2:102-113
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Paul F. Kemp, Josephine Y. Aller
Estimating prokaryotic diversity: When are 16S rDNA libraries large enough?
2004, 2:114-125
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 (Open Access)


Karsten Friis, Arne Koertzinger, Douglas DWR Wallace
Spectrophotometric pH-measurement in the ocean: requirements, design and testing of an autonomous charge-coupled device detector system
2004, 2:126-136
Abstract | PDF

Yeala Shaked, Adam B. Kustka, Francois M. M. Morel, and Yigal Erel
Simultaneous determination of iron reduction and uptake by phytoplankton.
2004, 2:137-145
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Douglas E Hammond, Kathy M Cummins, James McManus, William M Berelson, Gerry Smith, Federico Spagnoli
A comparison of methods for benthic flux measurement along the California margin: Shipboard core incubations vs. in situ benthic landers
2004, 2:146-159
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Hintz, Christopher J., G. Thomas Chandler, Joan M. Bernhard, Daniel C. McCorkle, Suzanne M. Havach, Jessica K. Blanks, and Timothy J. Shaw
A physicochemically-constrained seawater culturing system for production of benthic foraminifera.
2004, 2:160-170
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jens Kallmeyer, Timothy G. Ferdelman, Andreas Weber, Henrik Fossing, Bo B. Jørgensen
Evaluation of a cold chromium distillation procedure for recovering very small amounts of radiolabeled sulfide related to sulfate reduction measurements.
2004, 2:171-180
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jeffrey G Baguley, Larry J Hyde, Paul A Montagna
A semi-automated digital microphotographic approach to measure meiofaunal biomass.
2004, 2:181-190
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Ben Palethorpe, Barrie Hayes-Gill, John Crowe, Mark Sumner, Neil Crout, Malcom Foster, Tim Reid, Steve Benford, Chris Greenhalgh, Johanna Laybourn-Parry
Real time physical data acquisition through a remote sensing platform on a polar lake.
2004, 2:191-201
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Karen McLaughlin, Steven Silva, Carol Kendall, Hilary Stuart-Williams, and Adina Paytan
A precise method for the analysis of δ18O of dissolved inorganic phosphate in seawater.
2004, 2:202-212
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Hélène Agogué, Emilio O. Casamayor, Fabien Joux, Ingrid Obernosterer, Christine Dupuy, François Lantoine, Philippe Catala, Markus G. Weinbauer, Thomas Reinthaler, Gerhard J. Herndl and Philippe Lebaron
Comparison of samplers for the biological characterization of the sea surface microlayer.
2004, 2:213-225
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Ole A Mikkelsen, Timothy G Milligan, Paul S Hill, Dan Moffatt
INSSECT - an instrumented platform for investigating floc properties close to the bottom boundary layer
2004, 2:226-236
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Christel S Hassler, Vera I Slaveykova, Kevin J Wilkinson
Discriminating between intra- and extracellular metals using chemical extractions
2004, 2:237-247
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Jennifer R Brum, Grieg F Steward, David M Karl
A novel method for the measurement of dissolved deoxyribonucleic acid in seawater.
2004, 2:248-255
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Henrieta Dulaiova, William C Burnett
An efficient method for gamma spectrometric determination of radium-226,228 via manganese fibers
2004, 2:256-261
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Catherine A Brown, Yannick Huot, Michael J Purcell, John J Cullen, Marlon R Lewis
Mapping coastal optical and biogeochemical variability using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and a new bio-optical inversion algorithm.
2004, 2:262-281
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Eike Breitbarth, Matthew M Mills, Gernot Friedrichs, Julie LaRoche
The Bunsen gas solubility coefficient of ethylene as a function of temperature and salinity and its importance for nitrogen fixation assays.
2004, 2:282-288
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Oliver N Ross, Jonathan Sharples
Recipe for 1-D Lagrangian particle tracking models in space-varying diffusivity
2004, 2:289-302
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

David L Kirchman, Dawn Castle
Composition of estuarine bacterial communities assayed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and fluorescence in situ hybridization
2004, 2:303-314
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Nils Risgaard-Petersen, Lars Peter Nielsen, Søren Rysgaard, Tage Dalsgaard, Rikke Loise Meyer
Erratum: Application of the isotope pairing technique in sediments where anammox and denitrification co-exist
2004, 2:315
PDF (Open Access)


David J Suggett, Hugh L MacIntyre, Richard J Geider
Evaluation of biophysical and optical determinations of light absorption by photosystem II in phytoplankton
2004, 2:316-332
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Walter K Dodds, Robert M Oakes
A technique for establishing reference nutrient concentrations across watersheds impacted by humans
2004, 2:333-341
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Rafael Marcé, Marta Comerma, Juan C. Garcia, Joan Armengol
A neuro-fuzzy modeling tool to estimate fluvial nutrient loads in watersheds under time-varying human impact
2004, 2:342-355
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Burke Hales, David W Chipman, Taro T Takahashi
High-frequency measurement of partial pressure and total concentration of carbon dioxide in seawater using microporous hydrophobic membrane contactors
2004, 2:356-364
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Kjärstin H. Bostrõm, Karin Simu, Äke Hagstrõm, Lasse Riemann
Optimization of DNA extraction for quantitative marine bacterioplankton community analysis
2004, 2:365-373
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

André Momzikoff, Anissa Brinis, Serge Dallot, Geneviève Gondry, Alain Saliot, and Philippe Lebaron
Field study of the chemical characterization of the top ocean surface using various samplers
2004, 2:374-386
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Mirko Lunau, Andreas Sommer, Andreas Lemke, Hans-Peter Grossart, Meinhard Simon
A new sampling device for microaggregates in turbid aquatic systems
2004, 2:387-397
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jonathan B. Martin, Ray G Thomas, Kevin M Hartl
An inexpensive, submersible, automatic water sampler
2004, 2:398-405
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Enora Briand, Olivier Pringault, Séverine Jacquet, Jean-Pascal Torreton
The use of oxygen microprobes to measure bacterial respiration for determining bacterioplankton growth efficiency
2004, 2:406-416
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Marie Elmquist, Orjan Gustafsson, Per Andersson
Quantification of sedimentary black carbon using the chemothermal oxidation method: an evaluation of ex situ pre-treatments and standard additions approaches
2004, 2:417-427
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

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