Table of Contents, Volume 1, 2003


Isabelle Laurion, Frdédérick Blouin, and Suzanne Roy
The quantitative filter technique for measuring phytoplankton absorption: Interference by MAAs in the UV waveband.
2003, 1:1-9
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Helen M Baulch, Terry W Nord, Mark Y Ackerman, J Doug Dale, Roderick RO Hazewinkel, David W Schindler, Rolf D Vinebrooke
Climate warming experiments: design of a mesocosm heating system
2003, 1:10-15
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Edward R. Sholkovitz, Craig W. Herbold, Matthew A. Charette
An automated dye-dilution based seepage meter for the time-series measurement of submarine groundwater discharge
2003, 1:16-28
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jens C. Nejstgaard, Marc E. Frischer, Caren L. Raule, Rita Gruebel, Kathleen E. Kohlberg, Peter G. Verity
Molecular detection of algal prey in copepod guts and fecal pellets
2003, 1:29-38
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Frederieke J Kroon
A fluviarium with controlled water velocity and quality for preference - avoidance experiments with fish and invertebrates
2003, 1:39-44
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

A. Ross Black, Stanley I Dodson
Ethanol: a better preservation technique for Daphnia
2003, 1:45-50
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Matthias S. Brennwald, Markus Hofer, Frank Peeters, Werner Aeschbach-Hertig, Kuno Strassmann, Rolf Kipfer, Dieter Imboden
Analysis of dissolved noble gases in the pore water of lacustrine sediments
2003, 1:51-62
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Nils Risgaard-Petersen, Lars Peter Nielsen, Søren Rysgaard, Tage Dalsgaard, Rikke Loise Meyer
Application of the isotope pairing technique in sediments where anammox and denitrification co-exist
2003, 1:63-73
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 | Erratum (Open Access)

James H. McCutchan, Jr., James F. Saunders III, Alena L. Pribyl, William M. Lewis, Jr
Open-channel estimation of denitrification
2003, 1:74-81
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

David A. Hutchins, Frances Pustizzi, Clinton E. Hare, and Giacomo R. DiTullio
A shipboard natural community continuous culture system for ecologically relevant low-level nutrient enrichment experiments
2003, 1:82-91
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Linda C. Popels, S. Craig Cary, David A. Hutchins, Rachel Forbes, Frances Pustizzi, Christopher J. Gobler, and Kathryn J. Coyne
The use of quantitative polymerase chain reaction for the detection and enumeration of the harmful alga Aureococcus anophagefferens in environmental samples along the United States East Coast
2003, 1:92-102
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

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