The Limnology and Oceanography CD Archive

How much does the CD Archive cost?

Members may purchase the CD Archive at the introductory price of $150 using their renewal form for 2004 or 2005 membership, which includes a checkbox for the CD Archive. The introductory price for non-members is $350, and for libraries is $550.

What is in the CD Archive?

The CD Archive contains Limnology and Oceanography, the research journal of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, from the first issue in January 1956, through the end of Volume 43 in 1998.

The complete collection includes 261 issues and 4 supplements, containing more than 6,300 separate published articles. Including the navigation, instruction and support files, the CD set contains more than 80,000 separate files totalling nearly 7 gigabytes of information. The Archive is distributed on 11 CDs, plus an Installation CD.

This Archive also includes a database of all keywords in the entire CD Archive, and a search engine that can be installed to your hard drive. The search engine provides full-text searches of the entire contents of the Archive in seconds.

What do I need to use the Archive?

The Archive is based on HTML and PDF file formats, both of which are fully compatible with most operating systems. HTML (web browser) files are used to navigate through the Archive, and PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files are used to display Tables of Contents and individual articles.

You must have a recent version of a web browser such as Internet Explorer (version 4.x and later), America Online Web Browser (version 4.x and later) or Netscape (version 3.x or later). The web browser must support frames and Javascript.

You must also have a recent version of either the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or the full-featured Adobe Acrobat software products installed in order to read PDF files. Both are available from Adobe Systems Incorporated. Acrobat versions 4.0 and later offer additional features that assist in navigation. Earlier versions may not offer web browser support.

Is the Archive compatible with my operating system?

The CD Archive is fully compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000 operating systems. The Archive may not operate correctly in Windows 3.x because of the inherent limitations of that operating system with regard to file names.

The CD Archive is also compatible with other operating systems, such as Apple Macintosh and Unix systems. The Archive comes with SearchDisc by Astaware, a Java-based search engine that allows full-text searches of the entire archive in one operation. Although SearchDisc is technically compatible with most operating systems, including Apple and Unix computers, hybrid installation CDs that install to multiple operating systems commonly create installation problems. Therefore, the installation program for the search engine is currently offered only for Windows-compatible systems.

If a user is not able to install the search engine to a non-Windows computer, s/he will still be able to view all the PDF files and to search the entire contents of each CD separately, using the built-in search capability of Adobe Acrobat. ASLO may offer search engine installation CDs for other operating systems in future. Please contact the Web Editor to inquire about the availability of installation CDs for non-Windows operating systems.

How to Order

To order the CD Archive online, click here.

You may also contact the ASLO Business Office, or call (254-399-9635, or 1-800-929-2756 within the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean) for further information, or to place your order by telephone.