Solicitation Materials for e-Lecture Authors

Authors planning to solicit a manuscript to ASLO e-Lectures will find all the necessary forms, templates and guidelines here.

There are three categories under which e-Lectures are published. Your e-Lecture must fall into one of these categories. Use the appropriate solicitation form to submit your proposal.

1. Fundamentals in Limnology and Oceanography
Lectures for this category are solicited to support traditional and core classes typically offered at post-secondary institutions at the undergraduate and graduate level (e.g. Introductory Limnology or Oceanography, Physical/Geological/Chemical/Biological Limnology or Oceanography, Marine Ecology, Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Modeling, or Paleogeology). “Fundamentals” in Limnology and Oceanography are a suite of lectures intended for a full semester, with each lecture designed for a 45-minute period. Instructive, conceptual slides that convey basic information and enable transition between ideas are best for this type of lecture. Fundamentals in L & O solicitation (PDF)

2. Special Topics in Limnology and Oceanography
Special topics lectures are encouraged for ideas or events in which experts in their field can introduce the latest scientific topics.  For example, we anticipate that special topics related to ecological impacts or restoration of oil spills in the environment would be a timely submission considering the now two decades old Exxon Valdez and recent Deepwater Horizon oil spills. Special Topics solicitation (PDF)

3. Contemporary Issues in Limnology and Oceanography
Contemporary Issues lectures are solicited for ideas or events on topics in Limnology and Oceanography that are ‘in the news’ and highly relevant to the general public.  For example, issues such as invasive species, impacts of warming temperatures on aquatic ecosystems, contaminant loading, eutrophication, toxic algae, ocean acidification, oil spills, or fisheries crashes would be considered timely submissions. Both a broad overview lecture (one class period) as well a small suite (i.e. three to five class periods) of detailed lectures will be offered with the Contemporary Issues lectures. Contemporary Issues solicitation (PDF)

Manuscript Submission Process
Limnology & Oceanography e-Lectures utilizes Manuscript Central to handle the manuscript submission and review process. This system allows authors to upload their manuscripts and all accompanying graphic files through an interactive web page. When the manuscript upload is complete, it passes to Editorial control and enters the review system. Authors can track the progress of their manuscripts at all times. The submission process is simple and should only take a few minutes. Keep in mind that the first stage in the submission process is just the proposal (solicitation) form. Once your proposal has been approved, you will be invited to submit your full manuscript. A step-by-step manual is available below to assist with uploading a proposal/manuscript to Manuscript Central. Manuscript Central instructions (PDF)

Author Guidelines
Authors must follow certain guidelines when producing an e-Lecture. This document explains all the requirements needed for a successful presentation.
Guidelines For Authors (PDF)

PowerPoint templates
Authors with an accepted solicitation must use 1 of the 4 templates to build their e-Lecture.
e-Lecture Templates for Powerpoint (ZIP)

Publishing Agreement form
All authors must submit a publishing agreement providing for the transfer of copyright to ASLO, unless their home institution or organization requires that it retain copyright. Manuscripts will not be published without this form.
e-Lectures Publishing Agreement (PDF)