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Student Awards

Student Travel Awards

ASLO offers student travel awards to defray costs of attending an ASLO meeting. Students must be ASLO members who will make oral or poster presentations at the ASLO meeting. Previous recipients are not eligible. Recipients are chosen by lottery from the acceptable entries.

Student Poster Awards

Poster awards were initiated by the local organizing committee at the 1988 ASLO meeting in Boulder. It has continued since that time to in order to recognize scientists sufficiently early in their career to have an impact on future research plans and employment opportunities. Entrants must be ASLO members and students, and first author of research that has not been presented previously at ASLO or other scientific meetings. Work in all areas of aquatic science is eligible. The presentation will be judged on the basis of innovation and/or significant scientific insight, quality of experimental design and methods, and clarity of presentation.

Tips on Presenting Posters

  • Make it eye-catching
  • Make the title informative, even to the non-specialist.
  • Include an abstract which is clear, concise, and dynamic.
  • The poster should reward the viewer by telling a complete story with a beginning (introduction sufficient to explain it to those not in your specific area of expertise; be sure to avoid jargon) middle (enough on materials and methods so that readers can follow what you have done) and end (main conclusions and relevance).
  • Be concise!
  • Use large print. The text should be of sufficient size to be easily read from a distance of at least 3-4 feet. Keep your presentation within the area which can be read comfortably while standing.
  • Present material in logical order. Because we may all have different opinions as to what is logical, it helps to place or number sections sequentially. When referring to a table or figure, it may be useful to include arrows or some other form of marker to direct the reader.