Standing Committees

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ASLO standing committee members in general serve staggered, 3-year terms, and new members are needed each year for every standing committee. Appointment can start at any time depending on committee need and appointee availability. Members who find themselves unable to serve (e.g., because they develop a conflict of interest or competing responsibilities) may withdraw from any committee before expiration of their nominal terms by informing its chair of their intent to do so. The two exceptions to the general timing and tenure of standing committees are the Nominations and Awards Committees Nominations Committee members serve 1-year terms. Awards are given either at the February Aquatic Sciences Meeting (odd-numbered years) or the summer ASLO meeting (even-numbered years), with the decision made several months ahead of time to enable awardees to attend these meetings. Thus Awards Committee members are appointed with sufficient lead time to make these decisions. Members of any standing committee may be reappointed. In practice, most members of the Nominations Committee are reappointed for a second year because it has proved impractical to have complete turnover.

If you would like more information about the work of various committees, please contact the ASLO Business Office. If you would like information about the current work of a particular committee, please contact its chair or its other members.

Awards and Citations Committee and Subcommittees

Awards and Citations Committee

Charge: This committee shall solicit nominations for and designate the recipients of special or continuing awards as the Board shall designate.

Peter Leavitt, Chair (to 12/15)
Antje Boetius (to 12/14)
Curtis Suttle (to 12/14)
George Matsumoto (to 12/14)

G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award Subcommittee

Charge: Solicit nominations for and select the recipient of the G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award. This award is intended for a mid-career scientist who has contributed significantly to the field of aquatic sciences in the preceding 5-10 years and who exemplifies the standards of scholarship and creativity set by Hutchinson's work in limnology and oceanography.

Peter Leavitt, Chair (to 12/15)
Debbie Steinberg (to 12/15)
Ryszard Chróst (to 12/15)
Cindy Lee (to 12/16)
Mary Power (to 12/16)

Raymond L. Lindeman Award Subcommittee

Charge: Solicit nominations for and select the recipient of the Lindeman Award that recognizes an outstanding paper written by a young limnologist or oceanographer.

Antje Boetius, Chair (to 12/14)
Rob Striegl (to 12/14)
Weibke Boeing (to 12/15)
Huai Chen (to 12/16)
Miguel Mateo (to 12/16)>BR>

A.C. Redfield Lifetime Achievement Award Subcommittee

Charge: Solicit nominations for and select the recipient of the A.C. Redfield Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes an aquatic scientist who has made extraordinary, long-term contributions to the fields of limnology and oceanography, including research, education, and service within and beyond the aquatic sciences community.

Lars Tranvik, Chair (to 12/15)
Joe Montoya (to 12/14)
Ellen van Donk (to 12/14)
John Hobbie (to 12/15)
Helmut Hillebrand (to 12/16)

John Martin Award Subcommittee

Charge: Solicit nominations for and select the recipient of the John Martin Award. This award recognizes a paper in aquatic sciences that is judged to have had a high impact on subsequent research in the field. It will be given to at most one paper per year. Unlike the Lindeman Award, which recognizes very recent papers (within 2 years) by young investigators, the Martin Award is for papers at least 10 years old.

Curtis Suttle, Chair (to 12/14)
Dave Burdige (to 12/14)
Dave Hutchins (to 12/14)
Helle Ploug (to 12/16)
Elizabeth Minor (to 12/16)

Ruth Patrick Award Subcommittee

Charge: Solicit nominations for and select the recipient of the Ruth Patrick award, recognizing outstanding research that has had a major influence on society through the application of basic aquatic sciences principles to the identification, analysis, and/or solution of important environmental problems.

Patricia Soranno (to 12/16)
Ken Furuya (to 12/14)
John Reinfelder (to 12/15)
Dan Conley (to 12/16)
Adrienne Sponberg (to 12/16)

Ramon Margalef Award for Excellence in Education

Charge: Solicit nominations for and select the recipient of the Excellence in Education Award, presented to the ASLO member who best exemplifies the highest standards of excellence in education.

George Matsumoto, Chair (to 12/17)
Nancy Butler (to 12/15)
Warwick Vincent (to 12/16)
Laren Mullineaux (to 12/16)
Miguel Mateo (to 12/16)

Yentsch-Schindler Early Career Award

Charge: Solicit nominations and select the recipient of the Yentsch-Schindler Early Career Award, which honors an aquatic scientist within 12 years of the completion of their terminal degree, for outstanding and balanced contributions to research, science training, and broader societal issues such as resource management, conservation, policy, public education, and scientific service.

Thad Scott, Chair (to 12/16)
John Kominoski (12/14)
Emily Bernhardt (to 12/16)
Pep Gasol (to 12/16)
Laura Bristow (to 12/16)

Other Committees

Professional Ethics

Charge: This committee shall be responsible for reviewing ethical issues of concern to ASLO members, for keeping members informed about these issues, for handling allegations of misconduct concerning ASLO publications, and for reviewing and proposing to the Board changes to ASLO's code of professional conduct and statement of ethical procedures and policies for its publications. Members of this committee should include mostly people who have had substantial ethics training.

Eric Weissberger, Chair (to 12/14)
Sherri Floge (to 12/15)
Peter Hernes (to 12/15)
Adrienne Sponberg (ex-officio)

Publications Committee

Charge: This committee shall be responsible for assessing performance of ASLO journals and for obtaining comparative data on production costs of journals published by other societies and commercially. At the direction of the Board or on its own initiative the committee shall also research and prepare recommendations to the Board on journals to be added to the ASLO portfolio. The Publications Committee is further responsible for encouragement and oversight of press releases and popular science writing intended to increase public awareness of ASLO activities and of aquatic sciences in general. Such popularization efforts will be coordinated with the Education and Human Resources Committee. Editors-in-Chief and Managing Editors of ASLO journals are ex officio, non-voting members of this committee.

Paul Del Giorgio, Chair (to 12/14)
Howard Browman (to 12/14)
John Downing (to 12/17)
R.W. "Wally" Fulweiler (to 12/17)
Michael Leonard (to 12/17)

Public Policy Committee

Charge: At the direction of the Board or on its own initiative, this committee shall research issues of public policy and make recommendations for action to the Board. The Director of Public Policy is an ex officio, voting member of this committee. One of the tasks of this committee will be, at the direction of the Board, to prepare position papers on matters of public policy; ad hoc members will be added with Board approval to achieve needed expertise on particular issues.

Adrienne Sponberg, Chair (ex officio)
Lesley Smith (to 12/15)
Wally Fulweiler (to 12/15)
David Brakke (to 12/15)
Chris Reddy (to 12/15)
Mohammad Shahidul Islam (to 12/15)


Charge: This committee shall have responsibility for annual review of income and expenses of ASLO and shall make recommendations to the Board concerning the annual review, annual budget, dues, investments, endowment, financial implications of ASLO activities, and the use of income. The Treasurer shall be an ex-officio voting member of this committee.

Linda Duguay, Chair (to 7/16)
Ben Twining (to 12/17)
Paty Matrai (to 12/17)
John Downing (to 7/16)
Phillip Taylor (ex officio)

Education and Human Resources

Charge: This committee shall develop and oversee education initiatives for the limnological and oceanographic professions, including the production and distribution of educational and recruitment materials and development of activities and materials to improve teaching and research activities. It shall also encourage under-represented groups to participate in ASLO and in relevant professions through subcommittees established for specific purposes.

Claudia Benitez-Nelson (to 12/15)
Bob Chen (to 12/15)
Rob Condon (to 12/16)
Susanne Menden-Deuer (to 12/16)
Adrienne Sponberg (ex officio)
Amy Burgess (ex officio)
Allison Fong (ex officio)
Helen Schneider (ex officio)

Subcommittee on Education:

Jennifer Cherrier (to 12/16)

Subcommittee on Outreach:

Bob Chen, Chair (to 12/14)
Sue Cook (to 12/14)
Linda Duguay (to 12/14)
Cynthia Hagley (to 12/14)
Ambrose Jearld, Jr. (to 12/14)
Adrian Marchetti (to 12/14)
Peter Williams (to 12/14)
Rachel Horak (to 12/15
Jun Zhu (to 12/15)
Janice McDonnell (to 12/14)
Helen Schneider-Lemay (ex officio)
Adrienne Sponberg (ex officio)

Subcommittee on Image Library:

Charge: The overall charge to the Image Library subcommittee is to continue to grow and nurture the ASLO Image Library. More specifically: Inform the Board of the status of the Collection Strategy for the Image Library. Explore ways that the images can be "value added"; for example, adding information on date, geo-referencing or at least some location identification. Pay particular attention to increasing the number of oceanography images. Consider asking members to donate old collections, and then consider how to obtain funds needed to scan them and get them into an electronic format. Consider putting a call in the L&O Bulletin from time to time for images and "advertising" the needs during ASLO meetings.

Eva-Maria Zetsche (Chair, to 12/18)
Bob Wallace (to 12/15)
Lucas Brotz (to 12/18)
Jamie Pierson (to 12/18)


Charge: This committee shall be responsible for recommending programs, symposia and publications for annual and special meetings and for assisting with the implementation of these activities. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio voting members of this committee; the Business Manager shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member. Meeting-specific subcommittees shall be appointed to deal with arrangements for individual meetings.

Shelley Arnott, Chair (to 12/15)
Elif Demir (to 12/15)
J. Tim Hollibaugh (to 12/15)
Ramiro Logares (to 12/15)
Jon Sharp (to 12/15)
Paul Bukaveckas (to 12/15)
Patricia Matrai - Ex Officio
Lisa Campbell - Ex Officio
Helen Schneider-Lemay - Ex Officio


Charge: The Nominations Committee is responsible for providing appropriate slates of candidates for ASLO elections.

John Downing, Chair (to 6/16, ex-officio)
Irene Gregory-Eaves (to 12/16)
Val Klump (to 12/16)
Ajit Subramaniam (to 12/16)
Kam W. Tang (to 12/16)
Tim Moulton (to 12/16)

Early Career

The Early Career Committee is charged with the creation and organization of programs and the development of initiatives targeted to benefit ASLO's early-career members.

Susanne Menden-Deuer, Chair (to 12/16)
Laura Bristow
Hideyuki Doi
Kevin Rose
Xiao Xi
Christopher T. Filstrup
Andrea Johnson