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Guiding Principles

Adopted by the ASLO Board, March 2008

ASLO will strive to:

improve recruitment and retention at the undergraduate, graduate and early career levels to strengthen the demographics of practitioners of the aquatic sciences; the health, vitality, and longevity of our science depend on promoting scientific vocations recruiting the best people.

learn what services members want, and shall offer these services at a reasonable cost.

take action to promote forward-thinking science, thereby foreseeing developing challenges, and ensure the continued relevance of our science to knowledge and society.

seek to improve communication, cooperation, and exchanges with other relevant scientific and policy-based societies, towards promoting forward-thinking consistent with the ASLO mission statement.

offer equitable services to all members (independently of geographic location, stage of career development, and disciplinary interest within the aquatic sciences).

provide science products of the highest quality and made as widely and openly available as possible.

make Society decisions based on the best knowledge available; acquiring the best knowledge may, from time to time, require the hiring of outside professionals.

be managed so as to ensure financial stability, building resilience against unforeseen negative financial events by holding the equivalent of one year operational budget in reserve.