Ad hoc Committees

Please volunteer for ASLO committee service!

Ad hoc committees are formed to assess specific questions and problems, and exist until their mission is accomplished or for three years, whichever is less. Input from new committee members is always welcome and needed. If you would like more information about a particular committee, please contact the President.


ASLO has set a Society goal to achieve representation on committees and the board that is comparable to overall membership in terms of demographics (e.g., seniority, gender, race, etc.), geographic location, and discipline (e.g. molecular ecologists, fluidics, tropical ecology, oceanography, limnology, etc.) within the next five years. This is not intended as a recommendation for attaining a strict numerical result (e.g. not a quota) but rather a recommendation that the representation of members in terms of gender, geographic location, discipline, and seniority be used as a benchmark to evaluate progress (and success!) in attaining diversity in the governance structure of the society. Diversity should be viewed as a strength of ASLO.
Charge: The Diversity Committee is tasked with developing a list of qualified, recommended, and/or interested pool of candidates for appointment to ASLO committees that can be consulted by the nomination committee and the Board to help achieve the diversity goal set above. This can be achieved using information from the membership list, self-identification of interest in serving on committees or as officers, referral from present and past members of committees, and any other approaches they may identify, to develop such a pool of likely candidates. This list should serve as a reference, not a list from which all nominees must be drawn. The Diversity Committee should provide a progress report in developing a nomination pool for officers and committee members at annual and semi-annual board meetings as they occur, with a review of success of effort after three years.

Claudia Benitez-Nelson, Chair
Lihini Aluwihare
Sudeep Chandra
Deidre Gibson
Hans-Peter Grossart
Qinglong Wu
Wayne Wurtsbaugh

Emerging Issues Workshops

Paul Del Giorgio, Chair
Uta Passow
Lisa Campbell
Roxane Maranger


Gary Hitchcock, Chair
Debbie Bronk
Adina Paytan
William Leggett
Sue Ma
Helen Schneider Lemay- ex officio

Name Change Transition

Helen Schneider Lemay
Paul Kemp
Robin Anderson
John Downing

Strategic Planning

Linda Duguay, Chair
John Downing
Paty Matrai

Social Media

Allison Fong, Chair
Jim Elser
John Downing
Claudia Espinosa-Villegas
Kohji Muraoka
Paul Kemp

Membership Fidelity

Gerhard Herndl, Chair
Wally Fulweiler
Roxane Maranger
Kendra Spence Cheruvelil
Alex Wyatt
Clare Green

ASLO Strategic Evaluation

Paul Del Giorgio, Chair
John Downing
Paty Matrai
Lisa Campbell
Howard Browman
Debbie Bronk- ex officio from Strategic Planning