Student Opportunity Announcements

MSc Student Assistantship, Climate + Algae

The primary production bonus of ocean acidification.

Two-year graduate assistantship for a research Masters of
Science in Biology to investigate the possibility that Ulva sp. will have greater rates of primary production as ocean pH
declines. Assistantship includes salary, research expenses, travel to
conferences and potential reduced or waived tuition, for either U.S. or
international students. This is a full-time, on campus program. We are looking
for a motivated student with an interest in the broader context of climate
change and human impacts on the environment, to join a growing research group
in Marine Biology at California State University at Northridge, beginning
Summer or Fall 2014.

Contact Dr. Janet K├╝bler for more
information and to arrange to visit the lab, or apply directly to the Biology
Department  (
Applications must be received by March 15, 2014.