Student Opportunity Announcements

PhD position - Deep-sea trophic ecology

I am presently looking for a highly motivated PhD student with a passion for marine ecology to lead a new project designed to enhance our understanding of deep-sea food webs. The general goal is to provide novel information on trophic relationships that exist among taxonomically diverse organisms living at bathyal depths, from tiny invertebrates to large sharks. The project will take on a multifaceted approach, including analyses of lipid and fatty acid markers, stable isotopes, intestinal contents and in situ images. Candidates should have a biology or ecology background and be trained or interested in chemistry/biochemistry, microscopy, and image analysis techniques. They should also be willing to take part in sea-going expeditions involving deep-sea sampling. The anticipated start date is no later than September 2014.

Interested candidates should send me (1) an outline of their research interests, (2) a CV and (3) a copy of their transcripts by email ( More information on my lab can be found here ( The Memorial University website ( can be consulted for questions pertaining to the programs offered, requirements, tuition fees, scholarships/fellowships and application procedures.