Student Opportunity Announcements

Two PhD student positions, aquatic biogeochemistry / limnology

Background: In the tropics, many new large hydropower dams are being built, increasingly affecting landscape-scale greenhouse gas emissions and carbon cycling. However, current estimates of greenhouse gas emissions are probably too low, as emission hot spots have been missed completely. In addition, the carbon sink in reservoir sediments is generally disregarded, even though it would offset greenhouse gas emissions. A new project, funded by the European Research Council (ERC), will investigate these aspects of carbon cycling in tropical hydroelectric reservoirs.

Positions: There are 2 open PhD student positions in this project. Both positions will be based at Uppsala University, but all field work will be conducted in Brazil, in collaboration with the research group of Fabío Roland at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil.

• Position 1 will deal with greenhouse gas emissions from tropical hydroelectric reservoirs, specifically focusing on the spatial and temporal variability in the bubble emission of methane (ebullition). This research will apply advanced measurement techniques, such as hydroacoustic detection of ebullition, and measurement of dissolved gases by laser adsorption. 

• Position 2 will investigate the source of organic matter that fuels organic matter burial and greenhouse gas production in reservoir sediments. This involves analyses of geochemical markers and stable isotopes in sediment organic matter, experiments on the reactivity of sediment organic matter, and modeling of organic matter decay. 

For full information about the positions, employment conditions and application procedures, click here.

Applications must be submitted through a web-based application form no later than March 7, 2014, UFV-PA2014/212. Click here to access the application form.