Student Opportunity Announcements

Graduate Assistantship: Coastal Ecology/Hydrology

We are recruiting a graduate student to work on a Hawai‘i Sea Grant-funded project investigating feedbacks between ground-water derived nutrients, benthic algal uptake, and the accretion-erosion balance on Hawaiian coral reefs. The student ail work with Drs. Henrieta Dulaiova (Marine and Environmental Geology), Megan Donahue and Flo Thomas (Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology. Applicants must hold a bachelors degree in biology, ecology, oceanography, hydrology or related field. Applicants with excellent quantitative skills and with prior research experience or a master’s degree in coral reef ecology, ocean carbonate chemistry, ground water hydrology, and/or coastal oceanography are preferred.  There is currently 2 years of funding for the project and we are open to either MS or PhD level. The graduate student may matriculate into the program in Marine Biology (Applications due December 31, 2013) or in Marine Environmental Geology (Application deadline Jane 5th 2014); both programs are in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawai‘i.  Interested applicant should contact Dr. Donahue ( or Dr. Dulaiova ( With your inquiry please include a CV or resume and a description of your research interests and experience.