Student Opportunity Announcements

Graduate Research Position at UNC in Bio-physical Interactions in Marine Ecosystems

A PhD graduate research assistantship is available in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study the formation of marine aggregates in turbulent flow. These aggregates, termed ‘marine snow’, are composed of phytoplankton, fecal pellets, detritus, and other organic and inorganic matter, and play a critical role in the marine carbon cycle, often dominating carbon flux from the surface to the deep ocean and acting as hotspots for bacterial activity. In this interdisciplinary research project, the Ph.D. student will investigate the role of turbulence and biological factors on marine snow formation and implications for marine carbon cycling. The research will include a combination of experimental measurements of aggregate formation under turbulence, data analysis, and mathematical modeling.  

We encourage applications from students with strong quantitative skills and interdisciplinary research interests, particularly in the interaction between biology and fluid physics in marine ecosystems. Applicants are welcome from a wide range of majors/backgrounds, including physics, biology, environmental science, marine science, mathematics, engineering, and related fields.

  If interested, please apply to the graduate program in Marine Sciences at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Information on the program can be found at Please contact Dr. Brian White ( in the Department of Marine Sciences at UNC with any questions.