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PhD position in Plankton Ecology

Adaptive potential of zooplankton to climate change

Project description 
The PhD student will study physiological tolerance, preference and
phenotypic plasticity of zooplankton species from the Baltic Sea in relation to
environmental factors. The project involves field sampling, common garden
experiments and genetic analysis to assess the adaptation capabilities of
copepods to projected environmental change. This will provide a mechanistic
understanding of the causes of compositional and spatial variation in response
to future climate change, and whether there is a genetic component to
differences in populations. This study is part of an interdisciplinary BONUS
project ( with the overall
goal to understand causes, consequences and management implications of
biodiversity changes in the Baltic Sea. The student will conduct the research
at Stockholm University within the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant
Sciences and has the opportunity to participate in international collaborations
within the BONUS project.

The position will be based within a dynamic and active group working on
current topics in aquatic ecology. We use a multi-disciplinary research
approach, combining descriptive field studies, experimental and long-term
ecological research to understand the consequences of environmental dynamics
for food web processes and ecosystem functions. We offer state-of-the-art
experimental and analytical facilities that allow properly addressing current
ecological questions. 

We are looking for a highly motivated and self-directed student with an excellent diploma or master degree in biology, ecology, and/or aquatic science. We expect a strong interest in general
ecological questions and great enthusiasm for scientific work. Ideally, the
student will have experience in culturing organisms and in the conduction and
analysis of ecological experiments, knowledge of plankton ecology and genetic
methodologies. Good statistical skills, excellent interpersonal and
communication skills, a strong sense of determination to succeed, and the
ability to express his or her ideas in English is further expected. The
applicants should be willing to travel and spend periods in the field.

For further information, please contact the project leader Monika Winder
(associate professor), tel +46-(0)8-16 1741,


Your application, including CV, transcripts of all university courses with grades, a copy of your
university degree, a cover letter motivating your interest for this position, name
and contact information of two referees, and any other documents you would like
to include (e.g., diploma thesis/“examensarbete”). 

In order to apply for this position, please use the Stockholm University web-based application form (where it is possible to select language). The application form can be accessed at

Please find the full description of this position at