PhD Fellowship in Watershed Science and Policy

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU) is offering 3 PhD fellowships as part of NSF's Integrative Graduate Education Research and Training (IGERT) program. Fellowships are available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents (only) in any water-, river- or watershed-related field of study, including Geology, Hydrology, Geography, Engineering, Plant Biology, Zoology, Ecology, and other areas.

Applicants should have a MS-level degree at the time of enrollment (direct PhD possible in cases of exceptional merit) and should have grades, test scores, and research records commensurate with one of NSF's most coveted fellowship awards. Fellowship benefits include $30,000/year stipend for two years, $10,500/year education allowance for two years, student laptops, and support for research and conference travel.

Application deadline is May 1, 2013. Start date for the fellowship is August 19, 2013. For more information and the application, please visit or contact

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