Graduate Student Positions in Reservoir Limnology & Biogeochemistry

The Limnology Laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan is seeking students (M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates) for two research projects.

1. The first project is a large multidisciplinary research effort that is conducting a nutrient sensitivity analysis on Lake Diefenbaker. Lake Diefenbaker has multiple uses: drinking water for 45% of Saskatchewan’s population, hydro-power generation, irrigation, aquaculture, recreation and industrial uses. Such demands on the Lake are increasing with Saskatchewan’s rapidly developing economy. However, the capabilities of the reservoir to continue to provide water of reasonable quality under rapid economic development and under a changing climate, is unknown. A comprehensive evaluation of the sensitivity of the reservoir to current and future nutrient inputs under a changing climate is essential to manage and protect this valuable resource for future use. Students with a background in aquatic sciences are encouraged to apply.

2. The Second project will be examining the short and long-term dynamics of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in boreal lakes and prairie lakes. This project will also focus on the short and long-term effects of ultraviolet radiation on DON dynamics. Students with a background in aquatic nitrogen and carbon biogeochemistry are encouraged to apply.

Students will be funded through a partnership between the Limnology Laboratory and the new Global Institute of Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan. Both projects will involve field and/or laboratory experimentation and can include (depending on student interests) the use of the University’s synchrotron facility ( and Structural Sciences Centre (

Field studies will recommence this spring. Applicants are encouraged apply soon. To apply, please send a CV and cover letter that explains your related expertise and interests to Dr. Jeff Hudson, Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, S7N 5E2, e-mail, telephone 306-966-4412, Limnology Laboratory website: Further information pertaining to the University of Saskatchewan, the Department of Biology and the Global Institute of Water Security (GIWS) can be obtained at the following websites:,,, respectively.

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